Terror in Lincoln as top assassin sends next death warning

Students of Lincoln beware – Assassin warns of next murder

Students throughout Lincoln have been warned against becoming a “liability” by one of the university’s top assassins.

The Assassins’ Society is one of the University of Lincoln’s newest societies, pitching its members against each other in an intriguing blend of Nerf guns, cardboard bombs, and foam swords.

Members get extra points for being absent during their target’s death

But one of the assassins, who did not wish to be named, went a step further, tying his target to a chair in an empty room, putting a bag over his head before ‘beheading’ him with his blood-stained LARPing sword.

The routine was filmed and put on YouTube as a warning to all other assassins.

“Oh, right,” says the victim, before dying.

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, the assassin said: “I would like to scare my potential assassin. I wanted to get my point through to the masses; don’t screw with me.”

His planning for the assassination “was actually not that thought through,” he admits. “You could almost say it came to me in the moment.

“I tricked him in to thinking it was for a project. By the time he realised I was serious it was too late. Originally, I was planning to get a firing squad of about six people, but in the end I just wanted to introduce myself.”

The kill earned him approximately thirty points in a system that can earn assassins up to 400 points for highly complex kills that comply to a strict set of rules.

“Stay tuned for my next kill,” the assassin warns Tab readers. “It will take a while, because I need to gather all the materials for it.”

The dead man was unavailable for comment.