LUU Art Society is delivering supplies to self-isolating students

The idea is to help students cope during the pandemic

Coronavirus is drastically spreading around the world and it is quickly becoming a pressing matter in the UK too, with the latest update looking at 1543 confirmed cases, 14 of which are here in Leeds.

Since the last update from the government, many universities have decided to stop lectures or move them online.

Because of these circumstances, some university students are self-isolating as a preventive measure to slow the spread of the virus.

However, self-isolation can be mentally challenging, above all for people who already struggle with mental health. On top of that, mental health support can be difficult to find, with services stretched as a result of the pandemic.

In these difficult times, the Art Society at the University of Leeds decided to take the initiative and help self-isolating students by providing art supplies for them.

They bought materials, paper, watercolour paints and brushes, and started delivering to the students who got in contact with them. 

Art supplies from the Society package



Catherine Reader, who runs the Society, is cycling around the city to deliver the supplies, leaving them at the door. Having first-hand experience with a long term mental illness, she believes that art can be of incredible help for people being confined in their houses.

They decided to reach out to more students in need by posting on a Facebook university group where they caught the attention of nearly a thousand people.

Catherine said: “I expected a couple of requests; we’ve had around 40 self-isolating students contact us so far in less than 24 hours.”

At the moment they’re purchasing more supplies, but they’re worried that they won’t have enough funds to buy more.  A company has kindly donated some sketchbooks that will be given out, as well as their existing packs.

If anyone would like to donate some supplies and/or money they can contact the Society by email at [email protected] or through their Facebook page.

“The future of our campaign is, of course, like everything else uncertain,” said Catherine in a Facebook post.

Nonetheless, they are working hard to do what they can and they will keep updating through social media.