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Love at first sight, friendzoned and an accidental text: How did the Freshers’ round of Leeds Goes Dating go down?

‘He didn’t really butter my egg roll’


After almost 700 applicants and an explosive post on Leeds Uni Tickets, it’s safe to say Leeds Goes Dating is off to a great start. And where better to begin than with the Freshers?

So I took a look through all the fresher applications, matched them up based on common interests, things they look for in a partner and things they avoid, and set them up on blind dates. I organised a time and place for them to meet and, just so they could find each other, exchanged their numbers an hour before the date.

After the dates, I asked the couples a few questions for our entertainment. So did The Leeds Tab’s matchmaking work, or did I just make random couples struggle through a few cocktails? It’s safe to say, there were some intriguing results.

Esme and Will Child

Meet our first couple – Esme and Will are both looking for someone with confidence, an interest in politics and a decent sense of humour. So we sent them to Revs to find out if all their common interests would translate into a romantic spark.

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Thoughts on your match?

Will: I thought we were a good match! We got on well, had plenty in common and we both had a similar sense of humour.

Esme: It was actually really good! My match was good we had a lot in common.

Any funny stories from the date?

Esme: Well, he went to get a drink at the bar and I accidentally texted him instead of my best mate that he was fit and looked like my ex. I was absolutely mortified, he handled it really well though.

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Are you cringing? I AM

Will: I forgot to pay for our first round of drinks, so it wasn’t the best start when the barman came over and said I actually needed to pay.

Will there be a second date?

Will: I had a great time with her but I feel like a could see it as more of a friendship than being romantic! Esme is so lovely and I’m sure we could be good friends but I’m not too sure if I saw it as anything more, but I did have such a good time with her!

Esme: Yes I believe so!

Tom Allery and Charlotte Kay

Tom and Charlotte are both into running, food and hanging out with their mates. They seem like chilled out people, up for a good time and a laugh – so we sent them to Headrow House, what could go wrong?

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How did the date go – any awkward moments?

Charlotte: We just weren’t suited to be honest, we both said that there just wasn’t a romantic connection there but still keep in contact as friends though because we had so much in common! There wasn’t any awkward moments to be fair which was good!

Tom: The date on the whole went well, I would say there were particularly any stand out awkward moments. Best moment of the date was probably the moment when we met, coz it was intriguing to see who we’d been matched with.

Is there a second date on the cards?

Charlotte: There won’t be a second date unfortunately!

Tom: There won’t be a second date – friendship wise we had a lot on common but there wasn’t that romantic spark.

Matthew Fuller and Ottillie Bonnaud

Matthew and Ottilie went to Belgrave for a drink, and it’s safe to say one of them was a little more excited than the other. But after reading their responses, I think we can all agree that Matthew is the sweetest guy ever.

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Thoughts on your match?

Matthew: She was honestly one of the sweetest and fun to talk to people I have met since I moved to England. Also when I walked into the bar I thought I had stumbled onto the red carpet because she looked like a model she was so stunning, I really enjoyed talking with her and while she thought she was boring I thought anything but.

Ottillie: He was really nice but just wasn’t my type.

Was there a romantic spark?

Matthew: No clue, I have a hard time judging that kind of thing, all I know is I had a good time, and hope she at least enjoyed it.

Ottillie: We had a few things in common.

Will there be a second date?

Matthew: I was way too nervous to ask, but I intend to ask her on a second date but I don’t want to get my hopes up because Tilly is really a catch. The fact that she didn’t run when she saw me, that was really weird for me since she was so incredible I don’t know why she was on a date with me and not like Chris Hemsworth or Robert Downey Jr.

Ottillie: He didn’t really butter my egg roll. But I’m not back on Tinder.

Emily and Sebastian Harrison-Wood

Emily and Sebastian went to LS6 for a coffee – very cute indeed. They’re both “nice” and definitely a little too sweet to slag each other off to me. While Sebastian seemed a little unsure, with various “I don’t know” responses to my follow-up questions – Emily was hopeful for some future texting and maybe even a second date.

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Thoughts on your match?

Sebastian: She was lovely, talkative and really nice.

Emily: He was so nice!! Really sweet we got on well.

Was there a romantic spark?

Sebastian: I don’t know.

Emily: Not sure there was a romantic spark.

Will there be a second date?

Sebastian: I don’t know.

Emily: I’m really not sure I’ve said I’ll text him so will have to see!

Weirdest moment of the date?

Sebastian: Probably that we thought we were being filmed, or something like that.

Emily: I’ve never been on a blind date so the whole scenario was alien to me of not knowing each other at all.