Yorkshire rapper MC Devvo is back with a smash hit about Leeds

“We’ve nothing but we live better”


MC Devvo has made a triumphant comeback with another helping of Yorkshire inspired hip-hop with his latest song “Yorkshire Til I Die”.

In the music video, the Leeds based legend steals a postman’s bike and rides it up Woodhouse Lane whilst rapping.

The rapper is also seen to steal a car, a mobility scooter, and some alcohol as well as sniffing what appears to be a sleeping woman’s pants.

He pays tribute to Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and other rap legends in the five-minute-long track, as well as bigging up Leeds.

The song features poetic lines such as: “I’ll steal your beemers and break your femurs” and “Pints of vodka, pints of chasers, lager tops and I’ll see yous laters.”

The video has received a mostly positive response online with many deeming it a well directed video and one fan saying: “briliant. Ye dicked.”

MC Devvo, a creation of David Firth, who invented the popular and terrifying Salad Fingers  videos, has a web-series in which viewers can watch the rapper giving his opinion about important issues or answering questions from fans.

Known for his status as Yorkshire’s biggest Chav and after making videos for 3 years, Devvo appears to have quite a following. He not only has over 23,000 Twitter followers but also a book available for sale, and a sold out DVD and t-shirt collection.

Devvo’s appearance, which once would have been associated with the ‘chav’ label, now just looks like he’s going out for a night at Beaverworks.

Check it out here.