Leeds third year pair take home Pointless jackpot

They won £1,250

Two Leeds third-years fought off the competition to be crowned Pointless champions this week.

Jamie Taylor and Robbie Russell destroyed opposition to get to the final, where, with a handy knowledge of Seth Rogen films, they took home over a grand in prize money.

This was a marked improvement from their first appearance on the show, where they scored 200 points.

Buckinghamshire brainbox Robbie told The Tab: “Being there in front of an audience crammed full of expectant pensioners, and lights that could easily burn through the awful shirts they make you wear is absolutely nerve-wracking”.

Following the awkward introductory banter of hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, the pair  were meekly introduced as couple number four.

Robbie added: “Xander and Little Rich are top blokes. Went for a curry and a few (a shitload) of beers afterwards and they were just really down to earth, you know.

“Richard opened up about the psychological impact the words ‘How tall are you?’ have had on him over the years and it was quite humbling. Xander however kept buying Sambuca and singing inappropriate songs about Thatcher.

“None of that actually happened, but I could tell from the three second hand shake and hello we shared at the start of each show that they would be totally up for it.

First up was dystopian novels. After a poor start by Politics student Robbie, Jamie, studying English and Philosophy, saved the day with a sturdy 42 point score that put them through to the next round.

The pair then proceeded to annihilate hopeful contestants Nay and Mark in round two with Robbie coming through with a pointless answer sourced from his encyclopaedic knowledge of Muse music videos.

After sweeping their final challengers Carrie and Kate aside, the pair were in the final round where they successfully scored a Pointless answer and took home the elusive Pointless trophy.

“Winning the trophy was nuts. You get it for just getting to the final round, so that was our main hope – winning the Jackpot took the biscuit.

“Holding the trophy is like holding an enormous Fox’s Glacier Mint. Which again to me is a bonus. We felt like Rod Stewart”

A Twitter storm accompanied their appearance on national TV.


The uni finalists say their forty-five minutes of TV fame hasn’t changed them.

“Well during the show we got far more attention than we ever expected – mostly from school girls and Pointless’ gay following – but since then it’s all very much died down.”

Well done guys, you’ve done us proud.