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All the best budget Christmas decor from Lancs student accommodation

Everyone is in such a festive mood, we love it

The time has come again. The time when deadlines are very quickly approaching, everyone has given up and we have all ran out of money. What time? We hear you ask. Christmas!

One of the many perks of living on campus is that we get to see the very nice Christmas decor which lifts our moods as we trudge past them to our Monday nine ams.

These are only a few of the *many* decorations on campus right now, so kudos to all of those who could be bothered and we are very disappointed at all of you who have nothing in your flats. Literally nothing.


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THIS IS WHAT WE CALL DEDICATION. Painting your actual windows to be in the festive mood. The present, star and the tree made from post-its is deco on a budget and we love it. Very creative and imaginative. 10/10 for effort from us. Well done.


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Look at the effort from Grizedale here, look at how cute they are. Obviously the banner saying 'happy birthday Jesus' completes it all. If there was a competition, these snowflakes would win.

Grizedale part two

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Originial. Cultural. Feliz navidad.

County Townhouse

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The colours here are in your face FESTIVE and the little snowflakes will make you smile. Word of advice for all flats who want to decorate, USE COLOUR! Yeah we get white represents snow and all that but take it from us, using different colours makes it look like you actually made an effort.

The Friends quote is a phat mood and the reason why we don't do any work over Christmas, and any other day to be honest.

Off campus

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"This is my child Clarence". This tree is exceptional. Yes its small, but its cute. Also if your budget manages to get you tinsel, good for you – what's it like living outside of your overdraft? The paper looking dove on top looks a lot like a chicken.


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A christmas tree made of wrapping paper – incredible. The tinsel and half arsed ribbon is made up for with those inflatables. Very budget, very iconic.

County townhouse

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It's a budget adaptation of the nativity. The wise man and his wrapping paper walking stick, the christmas star and its student accommodation light. The baby Jesus would have wore mum jeans if he'd had the chance. Its christmas, anything goes.