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Milk, fire drills and mould: These are your worst Lancs housemate horror stories

Someone drank piss from a kettle

Before you come to university, you spend a lot of time wondering who your flatmates are going to be. You're moving to a new city and you have no say over who you're going to be living with. They could end up being your best mate ever or the complete opposite.

The Lancaster Tab reached out for the worst housemate stories, and these flatmate horrors should be shared.

Every flat will ultimately have one, you're lying if you say you don't!

"One of our flatmates shagged everyone in the flat"

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You know those housemates that are just an experience. The housemates that have shagged everyone in the flat or that forget to turn the shower off for a whole night. We're talking about those housemates.

One student told The Lancaster Tab, “ A guy in our flat had a special drawer dedicated specifically for cum tissues”.

Another said, “ We had a student in our flat that only drank milk, and ate only takeaways. As a result he spent 4 hours in the toilet *every day*. The toilet was comparable to the ones in Sugarhouse.” I mean, at least he got his calcium?

“One of my flatmates was pretty disgusting. They would keep dirty plates and cups in their room for days on end, to a point where literally every single mug, knife/fork and plate was in their room.

Since dirty plates and cups were left in a room for days, or maybe even weeks, actual mould had grown inside the cup”. Gross, IKEA would be fuming if they found out their plates were left this way.

"she was so loud in bed it sounded like she was killing a dolphin"

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You know those housemates that seem to have no understanding of noise control? Who seem to assume that every room they go into is soundproofed? Those housemates.

We've all had to deal with angry housemates before, one student told The Lancaster Tab “Every time one of my housemates is angry, he yells at the top of his voice and throws things around his room.” and to that, we hope he is ok.

Another said, “A girl who lived a floor below me was so loud in bed that it would wake me up. Sounded like someone was killing a dolphin.” Attenborough would have been straight down there to sort this out.

"One guy in pres pissed in a kettle"

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We've all been there. Its whoops wednesday at Sugar, and the first three days of the week have been hell. You need to go out. And it wouldn't be a whoops wednesday without some serious whoops moments, right?

One student told The Lancaster Tab “A flatmate brought his boyfriend’s friends over for a party , one of them got so drunk, he pissed all over the floor.” Whoooops.

Another said, “One guy got pretty drunk during pres one Friday night and decided that it would be fun to cause a fire drill and wake the whole building up. I had to pay fine since I was the host of the pres.” This is less of a whoops and more of an oof. No one likes a fine, or a fire drill.

And to top it off, one student said “One guy during pres pissed in the kettle , and another guy was dared to drink it” – It's got health benefits, hasn't it?

"One housemate dissappeared for two weeks without telling anyone"

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These individuals stood out as being weird in some way. It is very likely that you have shared a flat or heard a story of that one individual that sometimes you are not even sure if they live there. They stay in their rooms, do not appear in the kitchen and you occasionally see them walking past you in Alexandra Square.

He's definitely alive because of the rice, one Student said "Shared a flat with a guy who after freshers stopped communicating with anyone and never showed up in the kitchen. Only way we knew he still lived there was 5kg bag of rice gradually decreasing in volume” Bon appetit.

The mysterious one's are always the most fun, “One flatmate has disappeared for almost two weeks without telling anyone. Weirdest thing was that his phone and his wallet with an ID was left in the kitchen.” Where did he go? Did he return? We love a tease.