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We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of living in town so you don’t have to

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It’s that time of year once again when the student housing services release the properties available for renting for next year’s tenancies. Anyone who has gone through the process of house hunting knows it is STRESSFUL.

There is a lot to consider, not only WHO you want to live with but WHERE?

This list weighs up the advantages and disadvantages of on and off campus living, giving you a few things to consider when picking where to live next year.

The Library

The place we all love to hate. One huge benefit of living on campus is the library being no more than a 15-minute walk away, even from the furthest college, Cartmel.

This may not feel like a big factor, but when you need a late night library sesh and you have to take a bus, you really feel the benefits of living on campus. Especially if your study sesh falls on a Wednesday eve, is there anything worse than getting the Sugarbus sober?


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Living in town means no Sugarbus, and no taxis when it’s time for a night out. Spoons is usually only round the corner too. Big up The Sir Richard Owen.

If you are not the kind to enjoy a night out, you could try looking at places more to the edges of town such as Bowerham, to avoid some of the noise caused by partying.


If you plan on living in the centre of town, expect some noise. The outskirts can be quiet, but whilst looking at housing, see what is on the road you would be living on.

Check for nightclubs, bars, shops etc. Unless you are pretty central to campus, like Bowland, you will typically find it is noisier in town.

Restaurants and activities

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Along with the usual chain stores, there is no lack of brilliant smaller or independent businesses in Lancaster. From sushi to pizza, coffee or a Sunday lunch, town has you covered.

And after you have stuffed yourself, there are tonnes of pub quizzes on too, for anyone who wants to feel like they are on the chase.

Quality and cost of accommodation

Lancaster University has been awarded ‘Best University Halls’ eight times since 2010. Generally speaking, the quality of the accommodation is decent. Town accommodation tends to be in older buildings, but as a result of this, typically cheaper.

Bus pass

The student three term bus pass is £275, which to most student’s budgets, is a lot of money. There's a lot you can do with £275, it would cover several food shops. It also amounts to 28 rounds of 10 shots in Generation, it's up to you how you spend your cash!

So, it may be worth taking some time to work out if you would save any money living in town vs on campus. Or, whether or not you want to spend that much time in Generation.


A pretty obvious one, but as amazing as Central and Spar are, there is just not the same variety of choice as there is living in town.

On campus, you will usually need to take a bus if you want to do a big food shop. Living in town puts everything on your doorstep, a cheeky Primark trip has never been easier.


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This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Sultans would it? McDonald's can try its best, but will it ever be better than their cheesy chips after a night in Sugar?