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Lancaster’s best Halloween costumes 2018

The good, the bad and the mildly offensive

Ah Halloween, the perfect excuse to slap on some face paint, fake blood, cat ears and get stupidly drunk (while having an excuse to wear whatever you want). This year, some Lancaster students went the extra mile. We've included our favorites below, including the most inventive, best group effort and best duos. Spot anyone you know?

Most inventive

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The (dreadful) Spine and Furness Fire

Because nothing is more terrifying than the prospect of any more spine diversions or a trusty circuit drier that could set fire at any moment. Girls, you nailed it.

Best group efforts

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YMCA team

Unfortunately, the YMCA team were missing one member who's costume didn't arrive on time. Besides that, great coordination fellas.

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The Scooby-Doo gang

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Another Scooby gang

Both Mystery Incorporated gangs put a fair amount of effort in – you can decide yourself which group did better.

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A group of grannies

How the majority of third years' and masters' students feel (and beginning to look).

Most controversial

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Jesus spotted in Tipple

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Jesus making an attempt at turning water into Stella Artois. A potentially controversial outfit.

Most extra

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Hell-boy in Craftys

It would probably be difficult to do anything productive with that arm, but we seriously applaud the effort. Although, good luck getting that paint off.

Best duos

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Moth and Lamp – meme edition

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Avatar pair

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Wilma and Fred from the Flinstones (dead edition)

The Scariest

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Possessed Nuns

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Wouldn't fancy waking up next to you girls after Sugar. Great make-up skills too. 10/10.

Did you spot anyone you know? Did you make the cut yourself? Lancaster students absolutely killed it this year (pardon the pun) and we're already looking forward to next year! But for now, it's time to swap your nun habits for Santa hats and begin exclusively wearing woolly jumpers, it's officially acceptable to talk about Christmas.