We ranked the best takeaway chips in Lancaster

Flames didn’t come very high

Chips, french fries, frites. No matter what you call them or where you’re from, that one word will be followed by an uproar of agreement in the backs of taxis across the globe. We all love chips, even vegetarians whose drunk food options are incredibly limited.

T.G.I. Fryday

T.G.I. Fryday

But there’s so many chip shops in Lancaster, how do we choose? I went out, very drunk as per, and ranked the chips of a selection of fast food joints in town and on campus all in one night.

Flames – sixth place

The humble chip shop.

The humble chip shop

Crispy outside: 7
Fluffy inside: 7
Tastiness: 3
Price: £1.20
Overall: 5

Flames was my first stop on the Tour de Fries and I had high hopes for them. After waiting for quite a long time for a small portion of chips, I was disappointed with the taste and subsequently gave them away to a mate.

Starvin’ Marvin – fifth place

Starvin' Marvin's fries.

Crispy outside: 5
Fluffy inside: 9
Tastiness: 5
Price: £1.20
Overall: 6

Next was Starvin’ Marvin’, across the road from Bentley’s and round the corner from Dalton Rooms. The chips were very average and still had that soil taste previously encountered in Flames. Life was getting bleak.


It's a jungle of fry-oil and cardboard in there.

It’s a jungle of fry-oil and cardboard in there

McDonald’s Lancaster – fourth place

Crispy outside: 4
Fluffy inside: 4
Tastiness: 7
Price: 99p
Overall: 7

The most commercial portion of fries I ate that night, these were the first to actually taste OK. A little soft but this makes it easy to scrunch them up into little chip balls for ease of eating. They’re cheap too.

The battle of the campus chippy.

The battle of the campus chippy.

Sultan’s – third place

Sultans' chips.

Crispy outside: 7
Fluffy inside: 9
Tastiness: 6
Price: £1.60
Overall: 8

The guys at Sultans are lovely, I swear to God. With my fries I received: a bottle of water, a can of Pepsi and a poppadom all free of charge, which really does make up for their food being the most expensive. Chips were decent too!

Mognies – second place

Mognies' chips.

Crispy outside: 9
Fluffy inside: 7
Tastiness: 8
Price: £1.25
Overall: 9

A surprise 2nd place spot for Mognies. Maybe by then I was on a fry-high, but despite the watery as fuck condiments, there’s something about these chips that make them completely unique, in a really, really good way.

Ketchup – first place

Ketchup's chips.

Crispy outside: 10
Fluffy inside: 4
Tastiness: 9
Price: £1.50
Overall: 10

It was my last destination of the night and was not disappointed. Fat portions, the first skinny fries I had seen through it all and salted to perfection. Excellence in potato form.

See you in Ketchup.