Meet the KCL Muay Thai Varsity Squad

After 2 years away, the KCL team are back to defend their title against UCL

This Saturday, five of KCL’s best Muay Thai fighters will go head to head with five of UCL’s.

The last time KCL Muay Thai took part in varsity was in 2014, where they took home the varsity point. Now, after a two-year hiatus, they’re back, stronger and more confident than ever, to defend their title. The fighters have been going through weeks of intense training, fitness and dieting, and are at their peak performance.

Muay Thai, a brutal combat sport involving punches, kicks, knees and elbows, is becoming an increasingly popular sport worldwide, being a core marital art in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) seen in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Muay Thai is one of the most effective stand up striking martial arts and requires immense skill and fitness.

Their last two meets back at ‘King’s of the Ring’ and ‘University Fight Night’ in February and December respectively, saw them dominating the ring against UCL and winning their latest decision fight. The varsity fight night is going to be a war you won’t want to miss.

–  Cyrus Fan, President of KCL Muay Thai

Get to know the team here:

Eleanor ‘The Mighty Midget’ Lansner

Renowned for: Being like a fart… silent, but deadly


Saqib ‘Super’ Javaid

Renowned for: “Taking my opponents girlfriend out for drinks”


Danny ‘The Nose’ Majidian

Renowned for: Blonde ambition world tour 1990


India ‘Diamond in the’ Brough

Renowned for: Devastating dropkicks


Mike ‘The Liability’ Vilen-Letts

Renowned for: Roundhouse kick


Come see the KCL Muay Thai team at varsity this Saturday 11th March, doors open 5.30pm, held at Somers Town community centre, near Euston station


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All photos are competitors’ own