Freshers’ failures continue as KCL forgets to tell first years about their inductions

In three years they’ll be blaming their 2:2s on this

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Hapless freshers have been missing their inductions because bungling uni staff forgot to tell them they were happening.

First year students from the Law school and the German department have been left out of important information emails, or are inundated with so many emails that they cannot distinguish the key times and dates from them.

Confused freshers don't know where to turn...

Confused freshers being confused

Yana Grishanenko, a first year law student, told the Tab: “I am really upset about missing my induction, I was quite worried that I was the only one but there are others as well. It’s a shame that so many of us missed it simply because we didn’t get any information on it.”

Jakub Laska was in a similar boat. The first year German student said: “A new student to the College gets bombarded with loads of new information and it’s really quite hard to get your head around all the things that one has to do before one can attend their first lecture.

“It’s quite insensitive to give all this new information to freshers and expect them to do know exactly how everything works.”

Yana was left out of emails - she's sadder than she looks

Yana was left out of emails – she’s sadder than she looks here

This latest issue is just one installment in a long saga of King’s messing up with freshers’ communication.

Earlier this summer, we revealed that the uni didn’t have enough housing for the incoming freshers. Instead of being informed officially, panicked freshers found out on Twitter.

The university has been contacted for comment.