I play rugby and love Jesus, but I’m not a bigoted idiot

Don’t hate on Christians, we’re just trying to show a bit of love

Christians at university are more often than not considered boring, backward, bigoted bastards. These preconceived ideas about a whole group of diverse individuals simply aren’t true. Though they might not always say so, there are Christians everywhere – I, for example, could be on your course, I’m part of the Rugby club, I love the Beer Bar and I spend my Wednesday nights in Viper.

University is a time for exploration, openness and often wonderfully reckless abandon. For some, this means day upon day of throwing themselves into the welcoming arms of academia, sweating away in the library with the promise of a great degree and excellent job prospects. Others throw themselves into the welcoming arms of the nearest vaguely attractive stranger to waste away their nights.

Looking in the mirror, most of us can associate with both of these to some extent. But did you ever stop to consider there might be more to life than this?

Christians aren’t (all) boring

It seems to be the consensus at university that Christians all adhere to an outdated and inhibiting set of rules. Rules which stop us getting drunk and having sex, two of a student’s favourite pastimes.

Let’s be clear, most Christians at university still drink, even more of them still go out. Yes, most Christians try not to have sex before they are married, and as pathetic as it seems many of them fail (wouldn’t you?). But ultimately Christians recognise saving sex – even trying to do so – for a monogamous marriage is both a wonderful promise to your future spouse, and a practical means of avoiding the hurt and break up of extramarital sex.


Christians are just trying to love you

We’re not (all) oblivious to science

Evolution (of some sort) happened. Not all Christians agree on this, but most Christians tend to. Not all Christians study Theology, Classics or English Literature. There are Christians who study Veterinary Sciences, Medicine and even Astrophysics.

Don’t get me wrong. We believe the wonderful world we live in was created by God. But that doesn’t mean we necessarily believe fingers were clicked and everything fell into place.

We’re not (all) homophobes

Homosexuality is a difficult and painful subject for many Christians, not least those Christians who are gay. Yes, some Christians are gay.

The modern concept of homosexuality as we understand it didn’t exist until the 19th Century – when the term itself was coined. While the Bible is clear on same-sex lust, it doesn’t address love in the same way. Whatever Christians believe about homosexuality – and not all Christians condemn it – it’s clear that, above all, Christians are called to love. To love without exception.

We’re not (all) sexist

The Christian Church has often been viewed as an elitist, male dominated establishment – but this doesn’t always hold true. There are churches which refuse to have women in positions of leadership. There are churches which insist on conservative clothing and emphasise female chastity.

But churches like this are a minority. More often churches are motivated by equality and driven to further the opportunities of women in a desperately patriarchal world.


Student Christians still pray en masse

It comes down to love and forgiveness. More than anything, Christians are fed up of seeking perfect love in an imperfect world, a love which, in reality – they claim – can only be found in God. Christians believe God loved humanity so much, he sent his own Son to die so we might live knowing he loves us. That’s some powerful symbolism.

Christians don’t always get it right, sometimes we get it more wrong than anyone else. But because God first loved us, we attempt to love too. This might not always come across very well, but bear with us – it’s not always easy.