Fashion in the Forum is BACK and it’s a Freshers’ Week special

The FRESHest fits from the Forum!

It’s fair to say that Freshers’ Week is hands down one of the most exciting things at uni. There’s only one other thing that comes close: Fashion in the Forum. In the most exciting crossover since Greggs and Primark, we’ve brought you a Freshers’ Week Fashion in the Forum extravaganza.

Freshers are mingling in a bid to make friends for life, whilst returning students aim to impress their past flings with some fire fits, so it comes as no surprise that the Forum has become a hotspot for finding the coolest fashion on campus, and the Freshers’ Fair providing the perfect opportunity to stand out. We’ve loved the array of bright colours and funky patterns on show:

Lily and Morgan, freshers, PPE and Computer Science  @lilygracehardman, @m0rgan.james_


Why did their outfits stand out?

Both Lily and Morgan were wearing outfits that were relaxed yet cool – it was refreshing to see a chilled outfit during freshers week as it shows you don’t have to wear extravagant clothes to impress. In particular, Lily’s jumper was the perfect level of comfort and Morgan’s Carharrt hoodie paired with his bag and trousers made for a  vibey streetwear look!

What is your favourite part of your outfit?

Lily: My socks – they’re so comfortable and warm.

Morgan: My Greggs Crocs because they’re quirky and I think they add some comedic flair to my outfit.

Do you feel a pressure to look good during Freshers’ Week?

*Intensionally sarcastic* we don’t feel pressured, we just look good without trying  (we aren’t arrogant, we promise!)

Nnemdi, fresher, Medicine, @nnemdi.a

Why did her outfit stand out?

No question needed, the outfit as a whole is insane! The necklace and waist beads are beautiful small touches to her outfit which really help to bring it altogether.

What is your favourite part of your outfit?

My necklace because my friend made it for me so it has a lot of sentimental value and makes it unique – it’s really special knowing that no one else will have this.

Where is your favourite place to get clothes?

My mum’s wardrobe! Everything I am currently wearing is my mum’s and I’ve stolen it from her. Also, it’s nice to know that I’m recycling clothes so my fashion is more sustainable and better for the environment.

Matilde, Erasmus, Modern Languages, @matildeagostini

Why did her outfit stand out?

The use of a monochromatic outfit was really interesting as it wasn’t something that a lot of people were doing that day! Also, Matilde had gems underneath her eyes which emphasised the girly nature of her outfit.

What is your favourite part of your outfit?

My trousers because I love wide leg pants at the moment and they’re really comfortable.

Do you feel a pressure to look good during Freshers’ Week?

I kind of do because first impressions count and I can’t just wear whatever I want! I have to think a bit more about what I’m wearing because I’m meeting a lot of new people for the first time.

Ella, fresher, Sports Science, @3lla.rxby

Why did her outfit stand out?

Her top is really funky and added a pop of colour in comparison to the neutrals of her trousers and bag.

What is your favourite part of your outfit?

Probably my bag because I’ve never seen anyone else with it and I always get compliments for it!

Where do you normally shop for clothes?

I normally shop at Urban Outfitters (it’s my guilty pleasure). I wish I was more sustainable but I just love the clothes there and I’m even more tempted by it now I’m in a city with one, as there isn’t one back home.

Khanyi, fresher, Classics and Theology, @kh4ny1sil3

What is your favourite part of  your outfit?

Definitely my hair bows! I don’t normally wear accessories but I thought that they went well with the vibe.

Do you feel any pressure to look good during Freshers’ Week?

A little bit because first impressions matter but on the whole I’ve stopped caring about what other people think. I choose to wear what I want and have fun expressing myself because people are never judging you as much as you think they are!

Who/what is your style inspiration?

I’m really into Harajuku fashion because I think it’s really extravagant and I love anything theatrical or camp! My favourite model is Sora Choi because I normally dress a bit more formal like her but thought that today I’d go for something more out there.

Gabi, second year, Law, @gabiacosta


What is your favourite part of your outfit?

Probably my scarf or jeans (definitely not the bird poo that just landed on my arm).

Where is your favourite place to shop?

My favourite place is Depop or Vinted because you can find a lot of fashionable clothes for cheaper, and its always good to be sustainable!

Who/What is your style inspiration?

Definitely Bella Hadid because I really like the model off-duty look – its sleek but cool and that’s what I always try to go for.

Firman, third year, Marketing and Management, @firmangoddard


Why did his outfit stand out?

The colours of his outfit went really well together, and the suit trousers with a linen shirt made for a fashionable business-casual look.

What is your favourite part of your outfit?

My favourite part of my outfit is my shirt because I never have to iron it, which is really useful! I also like linen because it’s really comfortable and light, especially on hot days like today.

Where is your favourite place to shop?

My mum works in fashion so a lot of the clothes which I wear come from her, like the other day I got given a leather jacket and some cool trousers – the items I get can be quite random but it really helps to bulk out my wardrobe. I also like shopping at Zara because the menswear section has a lot of clothes that mirror the style I try to go for.

Talia, fresher, Drama, @taliafawcett

What is your favourite part of your outfit?

My coat is my favourite part because the metallic blue matches the blue of my shoes. I like to find small details in one part of my outfit and match other items with it!

Do you feel any pressure to look good during Freshers’ Week?

Not really, I don’t think other people dress as out-there as I do but I don’t mind. Fashion is meant to be fun and want to stand out a bit – I’m there to make an impression.

Do you have a style inspiration? 

I don’t have a specific style inspiration, I just aim to go to charity shops and find random pieces that would make an interesting outfit – I never want to be boring!

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