If Exeter halls were Harry Potter characters this is what they’d be

Who needs the sorting hat when you have the Tab?

This is the winter of our discontent. No detriment gone, clubs closed, University calling us cyber terrorists, its enough to make you plead for a time turner, or at least an obiliviator. Let’s forget the dreariness of lockdown number three and the overwhelming workload and turn to our classic Harry Potter pals to provide a bit of magic to the average boring lockdown day.

Where would Harry be chilling if he was in Exe you ask? Dying to know which Harry Potter character you’d be partying in Lafrowda with? Find out which charater you’d be sharing your accommodation with below:

Holland Hall – Draco:

Mummy and Daddy pay for everything? Inherited the family signet ring? Opted for the “Room with a View”?  Holland Hall is the place for all the Draco’s of the world. After all, who wouldn’t want to argue over whose trust fund is worth more?

“This room isn’t big enough for me! Wait till my father hears about this!”

Lafrowda – Fred and George Weasley

Known to hold the best parties on campus, Lafrowda has to be the place for Fred and George Weasley. The pair love to have a good time and would certainly bring all the laughs to any Lafrowda party.. and the VK’s of course.

“Lets break the Exetahh record for downing a crate of VK’s.”

Rowe House – Hermione

Known as the quiet accommodation, Hermione would find herself at home here very quickly. Far from the wildness of Lafrowda, Hermione would have no trouble studying for her OWLS here. There’s no doubt she wouldn’t mind being curled up with her potions book in their double beds either.

“YOU! YOU FOUL, LOATHSOME, EVIL LITTLE COCKROACH!” (Said to all that attend a Lafrowda party past 3am).

Birks – Harry

He killed a fully grown troll, formed and trained a secret army and saved the whole of the magical world from evil.. but could he take on Cardiac hill? Only a true Gryffindor would be brave enough to try. We believe in you Harry.

“I’d rather tackle Voldemort again than face another Sidwell street local.”

Clydesdale Rise – Luna

Quirky and eccentric, Clydesdale rise would make the perfect accommodation for Luna. Its stunning views over the scenic Devonshire countryside provides a beautiful location to read the Quibbler. The rolling hills are also the perfect backdrop for a new Insta pic. It’s all about the aesthetic right?

“Nargles in the forum… who would of thought it!”

Duryard – Neville

Forgot to apply to uni accommodation within the deadline? Clumsy and forgetful, Neville ends up with Duryard, what feels like miles from town and campus. Better luck next year.

“How far are we from the Quay? I’ve heard that Mandrakes grow on Flowerpot Playing Fields.”

Mardon – Ron

Catered accommodation with shared rooms, Ron would thrive here. Although the food may not be the feasts of the Great Hall, breakfast lunch and dinner prepared would leave him stuffing his face and fully satisfied. Ron’s ability to make long lasting friends also makes him the perfect candidate for shared rooms, after all who wouldn’t want to share a room with Scabbers?

“ WOW. another common room…  I can see how JK got her inspo!”

Well now you know which character you would have roomed with in the Harry Potter Universe. The real question remains though, what’s scarier: Hogwarts without Dumbledore or the forum without Pret?

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