Business School in exam cockup for second time

Frustrated students join Facebook group to complain about ‘unfair’ Economics exam.

Economics errors Exams Exeter Business School Facebook group

Angry economics students have set up a facebook in protest to an economics exam that one second year described as “full of errors, poorly proportioned and badly worded’. 

Over 94 frustrated students have joined the group, which describes the exam as ‘a disgrace’ ‘unfair’ and ‘completely unacceptable’. 
The exam has been criticised for not reflecting the broadness of the course, while the essay questions have been condemned as ambiguous.
The facebook page calls for the papers to be ‘judged by the same standards that are required of us’. The groups creator has demanded ‘a system of checking exams that doesn’t require students and lecturers communicating via the medium of an invigilator.
One student picked up on this call and Tweeted #vivelarevolutionthroughappropriatechannels’
This debacle is reminiscent of the Economic Principles exam from May 2011, when an invigilator informed the Business School of errors in the multiple choice questions.
Students were assured that the rest of the paper was error-free, but the Business School has recently admitted they are ‘still trying to establish the exact number of errors contained in the exam’.