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Princess Anne spotted on George Square and inside the library

One of you might end up bagging a high-profile study buddy

The Princess Royal Anne is at the University of Edinburgh today opening the new School of Scottish Studies Archive at 29 George Square.

She also visited the Special Collections on the sixth floor of the Main Library, if you're lucky you could end up securing a pretty high-profile study buddy.

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Two BMWs and a Land Rover were recently seen waiting for her on the meadows corner of George Square, accompanied by a police car and five police motorbikes waiting to safely escort her off of campus when she leaves later today.

Princess Anne succeeded her father, the Duke of Edinburgh, as the Chancellor of Edinburgh University on the 31st of March 2011 and has since been affiliated with the university.

She is also scheduled to attend a Scottish Rugby team run at Murrayfield later today, and will later be having dinner at the Houstoun House Hotel, Uphall in Broxburn, West Lothian. And you thought you had a busy Friday.