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Edinburgh ranked as one of the most employable universities by Times Higher Education

You’re in safe hands

Edinburgh have smashed it, being recently ranked as one of the most employable universities in the Times Higher Education annual global university employability ranking.

We've risen from the 78th to 71st best uni for employability, being one of just 10 UK universities that have made the cut.

Other UK universities which made it into the top 100 ranking behind Edinburgh include UCL, Bristol, and LSE, with Edinburgh being beaten by the likely candidates of Oxbridge, Imperial, King's, and Manchester.

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On the whole, UK universities are struggling to keep up with other global competitors in preparing students life after university, with only 10 UK institutions making it into these rankings – so Edinburgh making a feature is a real achievement.

Treat this news as an excuse to take a break from applying for every grad scheme under the sun.