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Why I’m fed up of the jeans-and-nice-top uniform on Edinburgh nights out

It’s fun to dress up once in a while

As a student, I'm a fan of the typical uni aesthetic – high-waisted jeans, vintage shirts, trainers, the lot. Whilst it's overpriced for an urban look, I do think it's nice and tend to dress that way – of a day time.

As a student, though, I've discovered a sort of taboo against what I'd consider typical nightwear that girls like me would don on a night out back home in Liverpool. If you're from Liverpool, Newcastle, or Essex for instance, you'll know what I'm talking about. With Missguided recently starting a 'jeans and nice top section', I knew that I had to speak out.

We want lashes, heels, and dresses, yet this is looked down upon. Personally, I think it's a class thing (PSA, every thing is a class thing) – you don't want to look like 'trashy working class Northern clubbers in Malia', and therefore have a vendetta against fake tan even though you try and denounce your class by wearing ridiculously expensive urban clothes in a failed attempt to look less wealthy. Madness.

Some people might think it's 'unfeminist' to dress up, because wearing false eyelashes is a way of conforming to patriarchy. Maybe it is, but so is anything we do – because we live in a patriarchy. Whether you're in a hijab or naked, people we still question your feminist principles, so dress how you want and own it – that's feminism.

If you want to dress up on a night out, just do it. It's really fun to dress up and wear lots of makeup, lads might say something about you 'painting your face', but it's all bullshit. You're literally painting art on your face – what's not to love? You look the way you want to, you do you. I love dressing up – maybe not all the time (walking up the Royal Mile in heels is a no go) but every so often, you should try it.

Jeans and nice tops can be okay, but every so often you should crack out your best smokey eye, wear a red lip and splash out on a fancy ass dress (it'll probably cost you less than your 'urban' wear) and go to Hive. I know I will.

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Maybe that's one palette too many…