A suspicious package has been found in Old Elvet

Bomb disposal has been called


A suspicious package has been found outside Shire Hall on Old Elvet this morning.

The package, was found just metres from Old Elvet Bridge and the popular Dun Cow Inn, is said to be a suitcase, although it is not clear whether it is a student’s or not.

The entire of Old Evlet has been cornered off outside the Marriott Hotel and Durham City Physio, restricting all access to areas beyond the site.

Emergency services are currently waiting for bomb disposal to arrive, and there is a strong police presence in the area.

Engineering Third Year from Aidan’s, Henry Quekett told The Tab:

“I received a call from my physio this morning say my appointment was cancelled because there was a suspicious package.

“I’m not particularly worried because it’s probably nothing, but I’m glad they’re being safe”