The Walking Thread: Girl suffers eyebrow bruising after Brow Bar mishap


A tearful student has sworn she’ll switch to waxing for life after she was left bruised from threading.

She told The Tab of her ordeal at the Brow and Lash Bar in Prince Bishop’s Shopping Centre.

Attack of the thread

The girl had her threading done on Saturday lunchtime and when she got home noticed the two small cuts.

By the late afternoon the bruising had appeared.

She said: “I know I have sensitive skin, which is why I didn’t complain when it hurt, but I never expected to be left like this.

“The process felt like someone scraping my eye with a blunt knife.

To be fair it did only cost her a fiver…

“The bruise was easy to cover up but the fact it had actually cut me made it look worse.

“I had a 21st that evening and no cover up would conceal the scab so I was forced to try and be edgy and pour some glitter on my face.

“Thank God it was fancy dress.”

The Brow Bar mentioned that Saturday was incredibly busy and that they were trying to get as many customers done as possible.

They were surprised when asked for comment as “it has never happened before” and insisted it was a small pimple, and not a bruise.

Almost a week on from the incident, the third year told us the bruising was pretty much gone, “but I’m still left with scabs and nicely threaded eyebrows.”

Much better