Every man needs his pair of meggings

Term has begun, Klute is calling, but what can you wear? For the ladies leggings have seen their day but for guys the megging trend has only just begun.

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This year Palatinalps attendees witnessed multiple men wandering the streets of Val Claret with lycra material sculpting their legs. Once worn strictly as underwear, now the allure of meggings has been taken to the aisles of outerwear.

“Nobody who knows anything says no to a man in meggings”

Whether you are working out or doing the washing up, they allow you to not only free up your movement but free up time too. You can wake up in your meggings, wear your meggings to lectures, wear your meggings to gym, wear your meggings to study and wear your meggings to Loveshack – versatile.

Where you are in the megging madness…

Stage 1: Bewildered

If you are already saying no to meggings then you obviously have never given them a try. Their luscious cotton and lycra material is an ample replacement for the warmth of your grandparents’ smouldering fire on Christmas Day.  Even if you’re not quite ready to delve to the depths of full megging mayhem then simply pop to your kitbag and grab your underarmour. Preferably washed since rolling around on the pitches of Maiden Castle.

Swag is essential

Stage 2: Basic

Brownie points will be awarded for taking the plunge but if you’re not quite ready to take the full megging pledge then going for Zara’s block colours is a sufficient intermediate step.  Avoid a rookie error and say no to a VPL – as one avid megging wearer recommends “go freelance”.

“The lack of pockets is a definite problem”

Stage 3: Bold

There is a reason there are companies dedicated specifically to the megging cause. Providing you have been hitting the gym over the holidays rather than demolishing your mum’s Christmas cake, meggings are sure to nip and tuck in all the right places. They are the perfect opportunity accentuate your assets without taking your clothes off – daring not dirty.

Meggings go mainstream

Stage 4: Brave

Strike out and shamelessly venture into the ladies department of Topshop or alternatively raid your sisters wardrobe. When choosing a pattern aim for a rainbow and then go more colourful and more outrageous and you might be there.

Someone’s got balls