‘I matched on Tinder with a Professor from uni’: The best of Cov uni’s hottest confessions page

The good, the bad and oh the scandals

The general belief in this country is that university is an education safe-haven, a utopia where young aspiring individuals go to become the academics of tomorrow. The reality, however, is far from it and within a week of enrolling you come to terms with the fact that, for the most part, uni life is the reincarnation of Hell on Earth.

Before you know it, your once innocent, undamaged body is being exposed to the horrors of smoking, excessive drinking and Kasbah fuckboys. For a second it become near impossible to imagine a world without a JJ’s Tuesday, and the sex, drugs and everything in between that made it so memorable.

With that being said, drama occurs all around campus, at any time of day. It’s time to once again delve into the memoirs of our beloved Cov students and share their spiciest confessions to date.

A visit to remember…

The price for love

                                                     Poor fish

A Sticky Situation

We don’t, and we cannot stress this enough, condone.

Full-time student and shift leader, impressive

Perks of the job I guess.

Love knows no (international) boundaries

Kinda wanna know if they linked up again tbf.

A case of the classic Colly handie

Shoutout to Kasbah main room, has probably seen more sexual action than a brothel.

Sexy shenanigans 

Half expecting for some dodgy porno to emerge that was filmed in Ellen Terry now ngl.

Cheating my way through Uni

The fact they managed to cheat for so long undetected, fair play.

Getting the job done

Who said revision wasn’t fun?

Did someone order a taxi?

Written proof that men will indeed do anything for sex, no shame.

I’m going to miss the £1 IKEA candles #RIP

Thank god these are anonymous, jheez.

Giving a drunk presentation, the ultimate student story

Want to both recommend and not at the same time, sounds risky yet fun.

These are just small taste of the juicy content being published on Cov uni’s newest and most active student page, Covfessions. In true student style, literally and everything is hot news….and of course, every post is anonymous.

To see more of this fresh content, or to post anything that you feel needs exposing and sharing to your fellow students head over to their Facebook page now.

Remember, the more scandalous the better.