Severn Bridge toll to be cut to £3

From 2018 onwards

Severn Bridge tolls are expected to be cut to £3 next year, after the crossings go into public ownership.

The plan also allows cars, vans and minibuses to pay £1.50 each way.

The current price for a car is £6.70

Larger vehicles will pay £10 – a 50% decrease from the current price.

The charges will go towards operation and maintenance of the bridges, alongside further development.

Wales Office Minister Alun Cairns and UK Transport Minister John Hayes wrote: “We want to be clear that there is no intention to use the tolls for any purpose other than to support their operation and maintenance and to repay the debt incurred by the UK taxpayer to fix latent defects on the crossings.

“We understand the importance of the Crossings for the both the Welsh and English economies, and that they have benefited both Welsh and English road users for 50 years.”

The Government also stated it is looking towards  “further reductions if possible in the future.”