Petition created to stop Business School’s ban on printed handouts

The environmentally friendly scheme is feared to be a way of forcing students to spend money on printer credits

A petition signed by the Student Academic Representatives of Cardiff Business School is calling on the head of the school, Professor Martin Kitchener, to scrap a policy which would demand students print their own handouts for lectures.

The initiative would go into effect from September onwards. It is billed as a way for the university to reduce its carbon footprint, though the petition’s description suggests other financial incentive.


History and Economics student Yusuf Khan reacts to the news

The petition’s organiser Josie Beswick, who studies Banking Finance and German, said: “We don’t think the policy will fulfil its aims to reduce the university’s carbon footprint, and think that it’s a thinly-veiled attempt to shift the university’s costs to the students.”

Academic staff were reportedly not consulted about the policy changes and some support the petition. They are planning to have a consultation on the best policy for handouts with senior management, but this won’t be confirmed until next week.

The petition currently has 495 signatures out of 500. Click here to sign.