SU candidate’s version of Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ gets played on Radio 1

Big bars

An SU candidate’s remix of “I’m so fancy” has been played on Radio 1.

Scott Mills dropped Olivier van den Bent-Kelly’s election banger during his show on Wednesday.

The tune, originally sung by Iggy Azalea, includes such inspired lyrics as: “Who that, who that? Ed O-L-I.”

The talented rapper is running for VP Education as “Monop-Oli.”

The election video is a parody of Fancy and clearly helps him connect with his student audience.

Olivier told The Tab: “Getting interviewed by Scott Mills was unbelievable, I’m still buzzing from it!

“It’s added to an already fantastic week – it’s definitely been a highlight of the elections.

“There is some tough competition in the elections, but I don’t think I could put myself out there any more.

“I’ve got some great policies so please please vote.”

Oh so fancy...

When Mills asked him what inspired him to choose this particular track, van Bent-Kelly said: “It works really well as my gimmick is MONOP-OLI. So I thought Fancy and Monopoly man kinda goes hand-in-hand.”

Mr Monopoly is also confident of his campaign. Mills said: “So you think you’re going to win?”. Oli replied: “I’m going to say yes, why not? Yes. Absolutely. Hopefully… you’ve got to have confidence!”

His groupies have enjoyed the video as well. Some “love it” and find it “brilliant.”

But a few are cringing. One mate commented, “I cringed so hard, I had to go to A&E.”

Oli credits his brother for the lyrics and his mate for the grime background. His friend has experience with grime music who, He said: “He coached me on how to effectively rap.”

Click here and start listening from 1 hr 43 mins.