Here’s which Too Hot to Handle cast member you are, based on your zodiac sign

Zodiac, but make it spicy.

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If you’re into reality TV or are just bored out of your mind in lockdown, you’ve probably already watched Netflix’s new spin on a dating show ‘Too Hot to Handle’.

The premise is really interesting: bunch of good-looking people are put together in a luxurious villa in Mexico, all single and definitely ready to mingle. The catch is that they aren’t allowed to engage in anything remotely sexual, or they face losing a LOT of money from the grand prize of $100,000. There are also a series of challenges and personal development sessions along the way, in an attempt to help build meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

I won’t lie, for $100k, I wouldn’t even care if that meant I could never so much as look at a guy ever again. Seriously. That’s a lot of money. But it’s pretty entertaining to see people try and justify a kiss as being worth losing $3k. And Kelz’s reactions every time they lost money are pure GOLD. If you’ve watched the show, keep scrolling to find out which cast member you are, based on your zodiac sign.


Kelz is 1000% a Capricorn. The grind just never stops for a Capri; you’ve always got your eyes on the prize. If it weren’t for planning ahead and long-term goals, how would any of this be any fun?

Capricorns are naturally disciplined and ambitious individuals. Being super hardworking definitely has its benefits; you stay true to your personal goals and don’t give up easily.

Unfortunately, for those that don’t completely understand your responsible and focused nature, Capricorns can come across as being uptight or closed off. It’s okay to let loose a little, Capricorns, and channel your feelings from time to time. Expressing emotion really isn’t a weakness.

AQUARIUS – Matthew

I’m an Aqua and picking Matthew honestly hurt my ego a little (he’s kind of a lot). Like all Aquarians, Matthew has a very humanitarian perspective on life (which showed through near the end of the series). Evolved Aquas are a very empathetic group, who prioritise genuine and spiritual connections. Aquas are unique and pride themselves on their independence, and people love you for that.

Sadly, this uniqueness doesn’t always resonate with everyone, so connections can be quite hard for you to form and maintain interest in. This might mean you avoid even trying, because no one really gets you. Aquas can be closed off in their relationships and find it hard to let people in.

PISCES – David

Oh David, my sweet angel baby David. Definitely a Pisces. I have a Pisces best friend and, well, they’re emotional to say the least. This isn’t a bad thing; they’re really in tune with their emotions (and that of others). They are naturally compassionate and, in their evolved state, thrive on introspection and self-growth. You can’t help but love Pisces; they make excellent friends and partners.

As empaths, it can be hard for a Pisces to separate themselves from other people’s suffering and drama or put themselves first. It can get really overwhelming to process all these emotions, Pisces; you may find it useful to detach from time to time. You don’t have to make everything deep.

ARIES – Haley

You either love an Aries or hate them. I personally love Haley and think she’s hilarious. And, believe it or not, she has some positive traits. Aries are fiercely loyal (like Leos) and Haley definitely has Francesca’s back throughout her time on the show. Like an Aries, Haley is confident and doesn’t let anyone’s opinion get to her. She’s just here for a good time.

When Aries are unevolved, though, it’s pretty bad. You can be impulsive and short-tempered. You may actively seek out drama, since day-to-day life doesn’t provide you with enough entertainment. Haley seems to possess some of these unevolved traits of Aries and can be quite aggressive and thoughtless on the show.

TAURUS – Rhonda

Rhonda is a strong and independent woman, and the Taurus zodiac is all about strength and integrity. As a group, Tauruses value honesty and openness. They appreciate consistency and enjoy relationships that provide stability and security. Tauruses are great at reciprocating this stability and enjoy being relied upon.

Tauruses, as the bull of the zodiac, are also known for being unbelievably stubborn. They may find change scary and can hold onto past grudges for a long time. Rhonda definitely shows a few of these traits in the beginning of the series, but as episodes continue, you can really see her grow into herself and trust others.

CANCER – Francesca

Francesca is one of the highlights of the show, regardless of what you may think of her, and she fits the Cancer zodiac quite well. Near the end of the series, in her post-self-growth state, Francesca really shows herself to be the sensitive and compassionate friend and lover. They’re a complicated sign but, deep down, they are very protective and loyal to those they care about.

Unevolved Cancers are ones to be wary of, however. They may appear somewhat manipulative as a fear response, especially when feelings are not clearly reciprocated. They can be quite distrusting of people and struggle with communication.

Cancers, stop assuming everything and just tell them how you feel.

GEMINI – Harry

I kind of do not like Harry at all. OK, he’s fine at the end of the show; he does grow into a loyal and loving partner, with considerable emotional depth. Harry’s always up for a bit of banter (and is also very flirtatious), as Geminis tend to be. Geminis enjoy being the centre of attention. They’re also a relatively intellectual group of people, though whether Harry lives up to that standard is debatable.

Gemini is another mutable sign so they are characterised by fluid mindsets and opinions. At their worst, this might mean they can flip the switch easily and be manipulative. They can get pretty defensive, too. No one really knows what a Gemini’s next move is and I don’t think Geminis really know either.

LEO – Bryce

Oh, Bryce. When Bryce enters the show, he exudes pure Leo energy. Prideful and confident, Leos tend to be very social and captivating individuals. One of their strongest traits is their loyalty; they are capable of forming very intense and lasting bonds. Because of this, evolved Leos are very dependable people; they are extremely thoughtful and generous. They may invest more energy into a relationship than they are receiving.

Unevolved Leos can be frustrating. An overly proud Leo uses extroversion to mask their insecurities. They may fail to properly communicate and get hyper-defensive in response to criticism. This can come across as obnoxious.

Leos, a bit of self-growth can really help tame your ego. Bryce is an example.

VIRGO – Sharron

Virgos are well-known for their ability to over-think, so I picked Sharron. There are certainly positives to this: analytical thinking suits Virgos well, and they’re able to easily and logically evaluate any situation. They are also hard-working and determined; once they know what they want (though this might take a while), they’ll go for it. In relationships, they are eager to help others and can prove to be very selfless and attentive partners.

Virgos’ tendency to over-think can close them off emotionally and, when they hold onto hurt or grudges from past relationships, it can be very hard for them to move past it. Accountability is also not something an unevolved Virgo is used to.

Seeking self-growth, perspective and spirituality is something Virgos could all benefit from.

LIBRA – Nicole

I don’t really have much to say about Nicole but I do love Libras. Libras are a kind and gentle group of people; they love serving others and giving advice or support to those who need it. In the little screen-time Nicole has, she seems like a reliable and intuitive friend. They’re great at mediating situations and are generally very peaceful people. They don’t really feel the need to actively get involved in other people’s drama.

An unevolved Libra may feel out of place in their surroundings and indecision can be a real problem, considering their dislike for conflict. Luckily for Nicole (?), the directors really didn’t spend much time on her at all to show this. But since she’s pretty neutral and Libra is symbolic of balance, I put the two together.

Not much else to say here, sorry Libras.


Scorpios don’t have the best rep, and Kori is an example. OK, I’ll admit I don’t know any Scorpios personally.

Scorpios have their strengths! They are quite intuitive people and are charismatic. Evolved Scorpios favour deep emotional connections and are very loving partners. Their energy can be intoxicating. Scorpios are also naturally very social; they’re serial flirters and Kori lives up to this.

There’s just something about an unevolved Scorpio that makes me want to run for the woods. You guys can be scarily stubborn and switch from being intensely charismatic to cynical and defensive. Scorpios really like being right so calling them out might not go down all that well.

Also, to my Scorpios out there, please stop flirting with people you have no intention of being with.


I LOVE Saggitarius. One of my closest friends is a Sagg! Saggitarians are free-spirited and adventurous. They love excitement and trying new things- no wonder people are naturally drawn to Saggitarians! They have a desire to live life to its fullest and greatest. A Sagittarius is very honest, and appreciates this from others. Their bluntness may come across as being rude but it always comes from a good place. They’re a very open-minded group.

Like all zodiacs, the Saggitarius sign has its weaknesses. Their eagerness for freedom makes them very hard to pin down and any sign of clinginess will cause a Sagg to lose interest very quickly. A Saggitarius may struggle to express emotions and show weakness, as well as understand other’s emotions. Communication is key!

If you feel like you connected more with one of the other members, remember that there’s more to your zodiac than just your sun sign!

The first season of Too Hot to Handle can be streamed on Netflix now.

Featured image credit: Sinthu Devkumar