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The Tab Presents: LGBT+ History Month Fashion

We celebrate History Month with some of the most fashionable LGBTQIA+ students in Cambridge

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Cambridge has been looking stunning with rainbow flags flying across the city to celebrate LGBT+ History Month. But what's even more beautiful is the sight of seven LGBTQIA+ students flaunting their best fashion, captured by the incredibly talented Axel Getz.

Take a look below at what happened when we turned the New Museums site into our very own queer catwalk.

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"Celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community means celebrating everyone in the community, including people of colour and others at the intersections who are frequently ignored or underrepresented.

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"When it comes to fashion, I like to go for a lot of different styles that often incorporate bits of formal wear, cultural prints or very blatant rainbow symbols, in order to be a visible presence as a person at the intersection of identities.

"I also wear a crucifix, which in combination with the LGBTQIA+ symbols helps to communicate my identity as a queer person of faith, a statement I have had a complex relationship with but personally am able to marry (pun intended).

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"Oh and the turtlenecks, that’s just because I have a neck that is not dissimilar to that of a giraffe (lol), but that is considerably more difficult to throw."


"Celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community is so important because I believe that visibility is the first link step to break the cycle of ignorance and hence discrimination and hate.

"Only by elevating underrepresented voices and listening to them can we we successfully strive to equality in a still predominantly straight, white, cisgendered male space.

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"Growing up I had a very toxic relationship with perceived femininity and its relationship with being a non-straight woman. My style now is mainly about 'reclaiming' femininity and feeling empowered without necessarily looking typically “butch”, and breaking free of gendered clothing."

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"I wanted to go for something semi-nautical, because what's gayer than a sailor? The jacket I just grabbed last minute because it was so cold my nipples could cut through glass, but I think it went well with the stripey t shirt.

"I wanted to wear flares at first to complete the 'oi oi sailor' vibe but I just looked daft, but luckily the baggy black trousers went well enough with the boots and t shirt that I THINK it worked! The glasses and glitter were just last minute touches to try and rainbow it all up in one last push."

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"For me, History Month is a time to celebrate how we are beginning to take back spaces that were not made with us in mind, how our society has progressed and what work still needs to be done and refusing to make ourselves invisible out of shame.

"It’s important that the LGBT+ community never stops being subversive and never stops challenging what society so willingly accepts as status quo. If we want to make a space for ourselves in our society, we need to make our society know we exist. Refusing to be invisible, though often the hardest one, is the first step.

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"My style, while often eclectic, reflects this refusal to hide. I often wear quite vibrant, stereotypically feminine colours, like reds, pinks and purples – one of my favourite formal outfits is a colour-blocked pink suit. Other times, I will dress as a full on walking rainbow.

"While I never wear these to purposefully make a statement, often just thinking I look good in them, when we’re told from a young age what is 'acceptable' for a boy or a girl to wear, wearing what you want ends up becoming a subversive statement."


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"Vain trifles as they seem, clothes … change our view of the world and the world's view of us. Often, it is only the clothes that keep the male or female likeness, while underneath the sex is the very opposite of what it is above." – Virginia Woolf

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"For me, celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community is important because of the increased visibility it brings, particularly for anyone who isn’t yet able to fully embrace their sexuality.

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"My style is still in its formative years, so I like to experiment when I get the chance. I’m fairly reserved most of the time, but I’ll stunt when I’m in the mood, which is usually on a Tuesday night. Then I like to wear colour to reinforce the attention I get for being a lighthouse.

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"When I was in the early stages of coming out, I found it both reassuring and inspiring to see other people unashamedly proud of who they were. The best part of LGBT+ History Month is that there are so many wonderful opportunities to meet other LGBT+ people and lots of really cool events – it creates a really sweet atmosphere."

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"Growing up in Romania, I witnessed queer people feeling marginalised in their communities and scared to be vocal. I personally don’t know what I would’ve done without international media and Lady Gaga!

"Queer voices are still actively suppressed in most countries around the world and it is important to help create a global LGBTQIA+ community and show solidarity. We also need to acknowledge that discrimination still persists in the Western world as well, making celebrating the community all the more important.

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"I think my style has always been a way of confidently but subtly expressing my queerness, especially back home where there were fewer means of direct expression.

"I used to be fascinated by the concept of 'dandy' as a similarly expressive-through-fashion queer man, which is I believe why I tend to like more formal attire with colours and patterns that stand out (I might love being the centre of attention just a little).

"The best part of LGBT+ History Month is seeing the rainbow flags waving in the wind – a symbol of inclusiveness and support from the community!"

And of course, we can't NOT point out how gorgeous our photographer Axel is:

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LGBT+ History Month is a special time of year, but every day is an opportunity to stand up for what we believe in and defend our individuality.

So in the spirit of these stunning models, go out and make the world your catwalk!