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Fake posts exposed on Grudgebridge

Posts cannot be verified for falsities and depends on honesty of the sender

Since last Monday when a video of a group of students in Wetherspoons including members of the Tit Hall drinking soc, The Crescents, was posted on Grudgebridge, the Facebook page has been the talk of Cambridge.

On Friday Grudgebridge posted they would be dedicating the page to taking down drinking socs, and since then the creator of the page has stood down, leaving the task to a group of other admins.

Students have been divided in response to this development, with some considering it provides a platform to shed light on the misdemeanours of drinking soc culture, and others concerned this is not the best way to go about change, and could be more counterproductive.

There is a worry that anything can be alleged on Grudgebridge, without any factual basis. The page has asked for submissions to be truthful, and asked for senders not to make them up, however it seems the page cannot verify that all posts on it are entirely true.

One source has told The Tab that in order to test whether submissions that were untrue would be posted onto the platform, they submitted two made up reports to the page. They were then subsequently posted onto the Grudgebridge page.

One post was about member of a central college drinking soc racially abusing an Asian police officer when drunk. The person who submitted admitted it was completely made up, as it sounded like "the worst most caricatured thing ever".

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The Tab was informed that these posts were made up, it appears that the first post has since been taken down

The contents of another post were taken from the film Riot Club, which based on the privilege and excess of those in the Bullingdon club in Oxford. This post claimed that a member of a drinking soc asked a Fresher "do they not do humour at state schools?"

That posts which are completely made up have made it onto Grudgebridge raises the question of whether there are other posts on there which are not entirely true either. One post which claimed that members of the drinking soc were doing cocaine already had to be retracted by the page as being untrue.

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One post taken down for inaccuracies

Grudgebridge has unleashed a debate about how to tackle drinking soc culture and has certainly brought greater awareness to the issue and whether we should call time on drinking socs altogether. Many students believe things need to be done, but are critical about the page's approach, and are unconvinced that it is the best way forward to bring about change.