The Doku Dynasty continues

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Daisy Eyre is the new queen of CUSU after winning the election today. 

After a week of campaigning, which involved Daisy flyering everybody to death, multiple appearances at colleges, a strong performance at CUSU hustings and never ending interviews, Daisy claimed the CUSU crown, with 2746 in the second count. 

Turnout for the election was 4967 – apparently the highest ever recorded in a CUSU election. The elections committee dealt with at least 53 complaints in total, in almost all of which they were dealt with within the hour, and the most complained about campaign was in fact the Eyre campaign. Turns out breaking the rules lets you win. 

Queen of CUSU

It was a rocky start for Daisy, after the elections committee ruled that members of her campaigning team had broken election rules by commenting campaigning material beneath a Tab article.  This was further exacerbated by a campaign ban on Wednesday, after somebody distributed vandalised versions of her competitor, Jack Drury, calling him a ‘lying tory’. 

The Tab’s exit poll, released earlier today had Daisy in first place, winning with just a seven-vote lead ahead of Drury. We clearly anticipated a tight competition. 

Daisy taking the crown is a clear continuation of the Doku dynasty, and she has clearly been seen as the CUSU establishment candidate throughout. Not only was she Jesus JCR President, the same position held by Amatey, she also studied HSPS and is apparently his college daughter!

The other two contenders, Jack and Keir, came second and third place. Jack received 1639 votes in the second count, whilst Keir was knocked out after the first round, with 900 votes.

All other positions, apart from University Councillor, were uncontested, and all will take their place as CUSU sabbs next term. These are:

Women’s Officer, Lola Olufemi, 1087 votes, RON 82 

Disabled Students Officer, Florence Oulds, 295votes, 60 RON 

Welfare and Rights Officer, Micha Frazer-Carroll – 2807,  RON – 476 votes

Education Officer, Martha Krish  – 2939 votes, RON – 468 votes 

Access Officer, Olivia Hylton-Pennant, 2794 votes, RON 495

Credit: Louis Ashworth

The position of University Councillor was taken by Umang Khandelwal. This was after a somewhat controversial campaign, where candidate Josh Jackson accused fellow candidate Umang Khandelwal of a lack of transparency. He was later called into a disciplinary meeting, after which he accused of the elections committee of ‘dog whistle racism’ for calling him aggressive. 

Now CUSU election drama is all over (thank god) for another year. If you missed anything, why not take a read of our week long liveblog, where we documented the drama as it happened?

The new CUSU sabb team, headed by Daisy, will take control in July this year.