University Challenge Final: Who wore it best?

Vote for the most fashionable contestant in the final of Uni Challenge

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While on the surface it would be easy to watch University Challenge and assume that the only key qualities are intelligence and ability to remember complicated and obscure excerpts of trivia – that would be far from the whole picture.

A fundamental part of any good University Challenge watching experience is ruthlessly judging the fashion choices of the eight nervous students sat sweating through their knitwear, awaiting Jeremy Paxman’s unsympathetic distain or (if you’re Ted Loveday), face of genuine approval.

#AllYouNeedIsLoveday amirite Paxo

So we’ve brought you a comprehensive guide of the Do’s and Don’t of the University Challenge fashion world. We know that it’s really all you’ve been waiting for.

The Winners

Ah our glorious victors, Caius College (has anyone else ever wondered what happened to the Gonville?). My first impressions were wholeheartedly positive. Almost all four had opted for classic University Challenge attire, a jumper. It holds a certain sense of smugness in victory, yet comfort in defeat. You can’t go wrong.

Ted Loveday – Hammersmith in London – Law

He’s been hailed as the show’s ‘best ever contestant’ by the Evening Standard and the ‘new king of University Challenge’ by the Telegraph, relentlessly buzzing in to flawlessly answer whatever question was thrown at him by staring straight down the camera, and in to my soul. But it isn’t simply his mind-blowing intelligence which has captured social media’s inspiration – no, his choice of cable knit has by no means been overlooked.


Opting for a lusciously cream chunky cable knit with a tantalising hint of a smart blue shirt underneath, Loveday’s outfit says ‘I may look soft and cute on the outside, but underneath this woollen exterior, I mean business.’

Michael Taylor – Ballymena, Northern Ireland – PhD in History

A serious, no nonsense guy with the concentration of a Rhino on a tightrope, Taylor’s choice of a plain grey shirt speaks volumes. Evidently channeling Simon Cowell via his steely glare and V-Neck, Taylor doesn’t plan on letting any Oxford bastards through to judge’s houses. However, there’s more than meets the eye with Taylor – his decision to go against the University Challenge grain and disregard knitwear screams ‘Don’t put me in a box bitch, I’m my own man.’

A steely stare to match a steely grey top

Antony Martinelli – Hertfordshire – Medecine 

Praised for his unshakeable intelligence and indeed his bone structure CAIUS MARTINELLI admirably led the team to victory, with the attire of a champion to match. The navy fisherman’s jumper is understated, yet powerful, modest, yet quietly confident and it was with this suave and sophisticated fashion choice, that the trophy was won. Martinelli knows what he wants, and his jumper does too.

Just this once we’ll forgive him for wearing dark blue

Jeremy Warner – Southampton – Natural Sciences

The boldest and brightest fashion choice of the three, Warner looks cool, calm and confident. Confident in his intellectual capability, and confident in his ability to pull off that particular shade of rust. Like Loveday, he opts for a cable-knit, a popular choice it would seem. The subtle breaks in each ‘cable’ bring out those adorable dimples – this is a man who knows how to dress to impress.

A wealth of knowledge behind that smirk

The Losers

Unlike their competitors, Magdalen College, Oxford, are masters of variety. Much like One Direction (Zayn we barely knew ye), each has their own individual style which they have brought, quite literally, to the table. Seated before a large audience and behind one of the most terrifying mascots University Challenge has seen thus far, these boys know who they are and are not afraid to be different.

I’m physically shaking

Harry Gillow – Stowe in Staffordshire – Classics

With skin a delicate porcelain and wavy locks soft, soft hair, Gillow looks like he has just stepped out of a pre-Raphaelite painting and onto our screens. But, he is not just a pretty face. Harry Gillow is what The Kinks would call “A well respected man”. Confident and clean, he sports a subtle white shirt with an open-collar underneath a black jacket. He is the epitome of smart-casual.


Chris Savory – Burgess Hill West Sussex – Chemistry

Savory’s appearance suggests he is an utterly uncontrived individual. Kind eyes and subtle spectacles to frame them, Chris Savory appears gentle, like a clergyman on a Sunday morning.

However, his fleece is a sin. As surprised as we are that he was even allowed to wear such an abomination on national television, and after the 90s, while Savory looks cosy, he also looks a bit like a farmer.

We’re as shocked as you are Chris

Hugh Binnie – near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire – Chemistry

Scruffy and boyish, Hugh Binnie’s ruffled hairstyle and casual clothing says, ‘I woke up like this’. But, Binnie reminds us that he is indeed fully-grown and ready to valiantly captain his team by choosing a rich, red, almost sensual, woollen jumper with a cheeky checked-shirt peaking out underneath.

Oh so cheeky

Cameron J. Quinn – Originally from California – Philosophy and French

Cameron J. Quinn may be a Californian native but he will not be spotted riding the waves of the Pacific Ocean any time soon. The only contestant to wear a tie, Quinn is suave and sophisticated as he raises one eyebrow to the camera. Indeed I’m sure that wasn’t the only eyebrow being raised as BBC 2’s audience reacts to the garish hue of said tie. Which is Orange. I’m certain that should be illegal.

By far the sassiest of all contestants

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