Want to earn £40 an hour at home? Thought so.

And that’s just one of 10 reasons why tutoring with Keystone Tutors is the best job ever.

1.It’s insanely well paid – with Keystone Tutors, you can earn up to £40 an HOUR.

No more looking behind the sofa for spare coins!

No more looking behind the sofa for spare coins!

2.  You work from home, so don’t have to wear a suit, or even shoes if you don’t want to. #YOLO!


Unlike this chump in his office

3. You don’t have to hang out with annoying colleagues and pretend to be interested in Debbie’s dating fiascos.


Sorry Debbie, I think this is a ‘you had to be there’ story

4. The work is flexible – you can vary what you do according to your schedule and expertise

This probably isn't on the syllabus

This probably isn’t on the syllabus

5. You can turn it into a full time career after you graduate – Full-time Keystone Tutors earn £27,000 a year for less than 18 hours of tutoring a week.

27k for this? Sign me up!

27k for this? Sign me up!

6. You can still watch daytime TV, so you can stay up to date on Come Dine With Me re-runs.

Or play FIFA, whatever you're into

Or play FIFA, whatever you’re into

7. It is fantastic practice for future interviews, as you spend your time convincing people that you know lots of things.

Future leaders of the UK

Future leaders of the UK

8. You will sound impressive at dinner parties, with your expansive academic knowledge and desire to help the young progress in their education.


‘Yes, I really am so intelligent they trust me to teach children’

9. The power and responsibility involved in tutoring will make you feel very important. Just make sure it doesn’t go to your head, in case you end up starting a cult.

Beware the pointy hat

Beware the pointy hat

10. Finally, all that time wasted on Paradise Lost will be of use to you!


Keystone Tutors is one of London’s leading tutoring and education companies. Since our foundation in 2007 we have been leading the industry in a drive to professionalise tutoring and raise standards.

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Keystone offer:

1.      Full-time careers in tutoring:

  • Keystone is unique in offering its tutors full-time salaries and employment contracts
  • Tutors are expected to bill at least 900 hours per year (c. 17.5 hours per week)
  • Salaries start at £27,000 + pension
  • Work is flexible and stimulating allowing tutors to build on subjects that they’re passionate about

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2.      Part-time, freelance tutoring:

  • Earn £25-£40 per hour working from home
  • Through their presence in South East Asia Keystone can offer freelance tutors the chance to work online, from home
  • Tutors can pick assignments that suit their schedule and subject expertise
  • This is an entirely flexible way to earn good money without even leaving the house, doing work that is stimulating and extremely rewarding

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