We asked people on campus what music they were listening to

Are you all about that bass?

Picture this for a second: it’s cold, you’re hungover and that uphill struggle to uni just isn’t looking like fun. You pull out your headphones and finally make it to your cruel 9am, but what is it that’s keeping you going? Who’s there for you on those lonely trips out?

We decided to ask people on campus what music they were listening to, to expose whether you’re still “house every weekend” when no one else is listening. (Our research suggests definitely not).

Alice, Theology, First Year

Justin Bieber: Sorry

I’d love a picture of me in the article, people will see me in my gym clothes and think I go there.

Anthony, Anthropology, Second Year

Caesars: Jerk It Out

It’s a Soundcloud remix and I only found it today, it’s good.

Katy, Medicine, First Year

The Isley Brothers: It’s Your Thing

Katy here is repping the uni boat club down in Saltford with a pose which can only be described as the highlight of my day.

Tab: “So, lets get to the crux of it- is it your thing?”

Katy: “Yes it is. 100 percent.”

Li, Biology, Second Year

“Chinese music”

Tab: “Is it at least good Chinese music?”

Li: “Yes.”

Tab: “I’ll take your word for it.”

Celia, Economics, Third Year

Toploader: Dancing in the Moonlight

Celia: [embarrassed laugh] “I’m listening to Dancing in the Moonlight. My iPod is just on shuffle so don’t judge.”

Tab: “Would you say it’s a timeless classic?” (Who wouldn’t?)

C: “Yeah, I suppose so…” (Trying to hide her true enthusiasm for the song, obviously)

Don’t worry, we respect the song choice, even though it’s probably the least edgy thing ever.

Nikki, Second Year, Film

Chopin: Nocture en 2

Nikki: “I never really listen to it, it’s just on my iPod, I doubt anyone else is listening to it.”

Tab: “So does it help you focus, to like study?”

N: “Yeah it helps me get in the zone for working.”

Steven, MPhil in Film

“The band, Thursday”

Steven: “It’s a post hardcore rock band”

Tab: “Okay right, so is it a bit of a guilty pleasure?”

S: “Yeah I guess so, it’s a bit darker than the stuff I normally listen to.”