Bristol “Worse than Swansea”

Bristol students have a ‘lower quality of life’ than students at Swansea and Coventry, a survey reveals

Bristol has crawled in to a mediocre 16th place in a survey that measures the quality of student life at Britain’s universities.

In news that will no doubt raise some eyebrows into a very high orbit indeed, noted behemoths of academic excellence such as the esteemed universities of Coventry and Swansea beat Bristol into the top ten in Lloyds Bank’s inaugural University Quality of Life Rankings.

Durham, a university famous for its shockingly dire nightlife, topped the tables.


The survey takes into account a variety of indicators to evaluate student satisfaction and living standards, including employment and earnings potential, accommodation cost, sports facilities and social life.

Areas where Bristol traditionally thrives, such as the easy availability of certain herbal products and the number of dogging sites per square mile, were unfortunately not taken into account by the boffins at Lloyds.

The top 10

This isn’t the only explanation for Bristol’s poor performance, as the uni is infamous for its low student satisfaction scores.

It’s hard to tell if this is down to a genuine existential angst about factors like sports facilities and the cost of living or if students are simply having too much of a good time to fill out endless surveys about how satisfied they are.

Do these guys look like they have time to fill out surveys?

Whatever the case, with tuition fees at a hefty £9k, it’s possible that some prospective students will think twice about applying to an institution that has a lower quality of life than the University of Northumbria.