How To Celebrate 4/20

Time to pass the joint: every stoner’s favourite day of the year is here again

Spring may finally be here but expect things to get cloudy again tomorrow when stoners around the globe light up to celebrate 4/20.

For the more straight-laced of our readers, 420 is a code adopted by weed smokers thought to stretch back to the 70s when school-kids chose it as the time to meet up and get high. Since then 420 has become a private joke for pot lovers, appearing everywhere from kids TV to episodes of The Price Is Right.

4/20 is now an unofficial holiday for the green-fingered, and like any holiday it deserves a good party. Here are some of The Tab‘s suggestions for how to mark the day in style.

Spliff Origami

As with skinning cats, there’s more than one way to roll a spliff. Most people though have a preferred method and stick to it. That way might be good enough 364 days of the year but 4/20 is a special day: show some respect.

Try your hand at one of the more outlandish options out there. The only rule is the more ridiculous it looks, the better.

Get High Whilst You’re High

Pack a bag and take your weed on the road to experience the thrill of getting high at the summit of a mountain. If that sounds like too much work then compromise and head to the nearest hill or tall building*.

*Anyone reading this who is arrested for lighting up at the top of the Shard only has themselves to blame.

Party With Snoop Lion

His name may have changed but Snoop remains one of the most vocal supporters of 4/20. This year he’s hosting an exclusive mansion party with the whole event being live streamed on the internet. If you’ve ever wanted to watch Snoop and friends get high, this is your chance.

Live stream starts at 7pm UK time here.

Bakin’ Brownies

Dig out your apron and take to the kitchen to whip up a batch of extra-special brownies. It really is as simple as take brownies, add weed but if you’re easily confused the Stoners Cookbook spells it out for you. More advanced chefs might want to try making something a little different: Scooby Snacks anyone?

Shopping On Silk Road

A black market website where anyone can buy almost anything, Silk Road is the perfect place for a bit of celebratory 4/20 shopping. Finding the site isn’t easy as you have to know where to look. Sort of like a Diagon Alley for pot-heads.

Couch Surfing

Draw the curtains, lock the door and commit yourself to spending 4/20 in a hot-boxed living room with your collection of Harold & Kumar films. When you get the inevitable munchies, reach for the phone and hope this Domino’s offer is valid again this year.

Celebrate Hitler’s Birthday

Of course the 20th of April isn’t just a big day for pot-smokers; joyless suburban right-wingers need something to do as well. If you fancy being a buzzkill, why not spend the day baking a cake for dear Adolf instead?