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Take this career test to find out how much you SHOULD be earning after uni

No need to panic about salary expectations

Are you concerned about how the economy can affect your job prospects and potential salary? With inflation and the cost of living dominating the headlines, it’s easy to become worried.

CareerTest by Universum can help you benchmark your salary expectations against UK peers, both within and outside your field of study. Last year, CareerTest helped over 35,000 students prepare for salary negotiations by providing them with FREE bespoke salary and career insights. 

Did you know that the average salary expectation of a student entering their first full-time job after graduation jumped by over £1,500 in the past 12 months?

Don’t get left behind, take the CareerTest today!

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universum careertest

How it works:

  • Complete questions about your employer preferences, career preferences and your satisfaction with your university experience
  • You will receive FREE insights into…
    • Your career personality type
    • Salary expectations compared to peers
    • Which employers could suit you best
    • A professional CV check
    • A chance to WIN gift vouchers to your favourite stores

Take the CareerTest now

There is a petition to get mortarboards back for graduation

Universum is the most-recognised Employer Branding specialist in the world – that means they’re here to help companies become the best they can be for you, the (future) employee.

It works with over 2,000 unis around the world, getting an insight into what students are looking for when it comes to first-time work. Universum then feeds that back to employers, so they’ll learn, grow and know how to make their jobs grad-friendly. From salary expectations to sustainability, they’re basically here to ensure you get the most out of your post-uni job.

The Universum CareerTest will help you find out exactly what to expect when you’re filling out your first full-time job applications. Ever hovered over the “salary expectations” box on a form, wondering whether you should be realistic (18k) or hopeful (88k)?

This test takes the guesswork out of all that – and by doing so, eliminates all panic from the dreaded job-search.

Take the CareerTest now