QUIZ: Plan a study day and we’ll tell you what your library persona is

Is the library the perfect study space or just a social hub?


When you enter the library, you’ll spot a few of the same personalities walking around. There’s the one with impeccable style, the one who uses it as a social hub, the one who’s just looking for a hot date and the ones who spend most of their time in the cafe.

With so many distractions at the library, it’s hard to find any time to actually study, however, Quizlet makes it that bit easier. Quizlet has different study modes which can actively test students recall and their app means you can revise on the go, taking your notes with you everywhere.

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Every student has their own personal way of studying and revising. Some people like to plan their whole day from waking up to going to bed, other students just walk somewhere with their laptop and hope for the best. How you layout your day in the library says a lot about the kind of studier you are. If you’re not sure what library persona you have, take this quiz to find out.

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