Rooftop hangouts and built-in cinemas: Introducing the coolest halls for Freshers’ 2021

Cheers to actually making friends this year

With summer approaching, the main thing on everyone’s minds is: when can I get to my uni city and reignite my dying social life? Good news: Student Roost are offering free early arrival so you can actually enjoy the social side of uni before the degree kicks in again.

TikTok has decided this year will be every student’s hot girl and hot boy summer, and if that requires you moving out of your parents’ house or current accommodation ASAP then you can. You can move in for free up to 15 weeks early at selected Student Roost properties across the country – perfect when your top priority is finally getting out of the house, meeting people and enjoying a drink with your mates (rather than your parents).

Plus, if you’re already in the city, early arrival means you don’t have to fill up your parents’ car or transport your whole life on a train just to go home for the summer. Instead, you and your housemates can change up your living sitch, move your stuff straight over and make the most of summer in the city.

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If you’re ready for the most fun year of your life – you should have the right student accommodation to do it in, right? The highly Instagrammable Student Roost accommodation has social events, rooftop terraces, games rooms, cinemas and BBQ gardens. And since this isn’t your traditional dingy halls – it’s perfect for second, third and MA students too. You’ll get all the benefits of the social life, but with way more chic facilities.


Unlike the thousands of students who have lost money over the past year due to Covid disruptions, Student Roost was one of the first to offer discounts to students stuck away from their university city last term. And if you decide not to go to uni or continue your course, you can get a full refund and they don’t charge additional fees on top. Student Roost also recognise that university life isn’t always the shiny image of fun it looks on Instagram, so each property has 24/7 support systems in place, as well as free mental health training, virtual events and a Neighbourhood app where you can chat to other residents.


Fran Clark, a Postgrad student and resident at The Heights in Birmingham said: “The facilities made The Heights stand out from other student accommodation options. It’s worth every penny. The staff onsite are amazing, as is everything you could possibly need: the gym, washing machines, social area, study area, parking, as well as services like post collection and


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Ready to get a summer-long head-start on Freshers’ 2021? Drop in and see if you can move in today. Here’s a rundown of Student Roost’s properties in Swansea, Glasgow, Liverpool, Sheffield and Leicester.


The property in Swansea is St Davids and is perfectly located on New Cut Road near the river. It comes with a newly refurbished social space, games room, 24/7 gym and study space.

St Davids study area

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Glasgow students, you have five different locations on offer which are all built to ensure you make as many mates as possible this year. The properties include lots to do in the social calendar, communal areas and gardens where you can meet other students, gyms, BBQ spaces, cinema rooms, study lounges and on-site parking.

Common area in Glasgow

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Capital Gate, The Railyard, Myrtle Court, Apollo Court and Byrom Point are the five options in Liverpool, all of which are stocked out with loads of fun additions such as, social and study spaces, ensuite rooms, BBQ areas for post-lecture drinks, outdoor courtyards and on-site gyms.

Capital Gate common area

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There are eight different properties in Sheffield: Sheffield 3, Hollis Croft, Cornerhouse, Central Place, Solly Houses, Mellor Apartments, Laycock Studios and Page Apartments. The properties have loads of facilities and activities on site, such as a full social calendar, TV and common rooms, cinemas, outdoor courtyards and spaces for socials, yoga and fitness studios, and on-site gyms.

Hollis Croft common area

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In Leicester there are seven locations: The Summit, Upperton Road, Brookland Road, Eastern Boulevard, Newarke Street, Queens Court and Regents Court. Once again, they all have a huge range of things to do and facilities to use, including gyms, cinema rooms and communal spaces.

On-site gym in Upperton Road

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