Quiz: Design an outfit for your first seminar back, and we’ll accurately guess your uni

Don’t pretend you didn’t plan it months ago

It’s been a while since lockdown first started to ease and it’s safe to say our social batteries are being well and truly rinsed. No matter how cold, rainy or exhausted we are, sitting in a pub garden with our five best mates has definitely been the highlight of this year so far, and there’s only more to come.

One of the best things on the horizon is finally being able to return to uni and see your mates. Unfortunately, the constant awareness of how much you’re mixing and when you can next see your grandparents without potentially spreading coronavirus still remains the ultimate mood killer. To make sure you can actually go out and have fun safely, students will now be required to take two tests a week. Many universities have on-site testing centres, and from 17 May, staff and students will be able to collect packs of Covid tests on site if available at your uni, to use at home.

You can find out more about free testing here

Now that we’re getting tested, it’s time to focus on the important things: what to wear in your first seminar back. Finally you can whip out the outfits you bought this time last year but still haven’t worn. You’ve had plenty of time to re-find yourself, get bangs, swap out your entire wardrobe for any clothes spotted on TikTok and show your course mates the new you. There’s no doubt everyone’s going to be spying how much everyone’s grown up and glowed up, and the fit you walk in with on the first day says everything about the kind of student you are.

Design your perfect first-seminar-back look below and we’ll accurately guess which uni you’re studying at.