Going on the uni ski trip? Get a free day on the slopes with Helly Hansen now

Get rid of that dusty jacket and leave your dad’s old salopettes at home

The students who go on the uni ski trip always have such a wide range of snow-based skills. There’s the pros who’ve been bombing down black runs in their colour-coordinated jackets and mirrored goggles since they were six and then, there are the newbies. If their complete inability to stop doesn’t point them out as beginners, then their already soaked-through gym leggings and not-quite-waterproof jackets definitely do. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that quality gear is essential for hitting the slopes (and avoiding hypothermia).

Luckily for you, the days of having to borrow a mismatched medley of items from various distant relatives are over. Bid adieu to shabby socks and say goodbye to holey hats – thanks to Helly Hansen you can now get 10 per cent off all your dream ski-wear AND a free day on the slopes!!!

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If your exclusive student discount isn’t already a good enough reason to get your ski-chic on, Helly Hansen will also throw in a day on the slopes for FREE!!! Simply buy a jacket, choose from one of the 50+ resorts included in the offer, and then validate your hangtag via the Helly Hansen Ski Free website – it’s as easy as that. Just three steps between you and some fresh, powdered snow.

So, if you need a bit more inspo about how to keep fresh in the snow – here’s how to look good whether you’re flying, or falling, down the slopes:

Whitewall Liftaloft


Alpha Liftaloft Jacket


Aurora Shell 2.0


Liftaloft Hooded Stretch Insulator

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Elevation Shell

You’ve made it this far so, what are you waiting for??!?

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*Feature image taken by: Cam McLeod