Here’s how to get three months of YouTube Premium and some tasty churros for FREE

Because who doesn’t like free stuff??!?

Uni wouldn’t be the same without a bit of procrastination. Lecturer droning on and on about some not-even-in-the-test maths theory? Looks like it’s time to head to YouTube and watch an influencer buy all the clothes you want, but can’t afford. Still waiting for the rest of your useless coursework group to turn up? Seems like the perfect time to watch to-die-for travel videos and dream of ditching your degree for some white-sand beach somewhere.

Really, the only thing getting in the way of you productively procrastinating are the occasional ads and rubbish uni wifi making the vids super slow. But, what if there was a way you could fix all this?

YouTube is offering all students a free YouTube Premium trial for three months. Yep, you read that right – a FREE trial. With the ability to continue playing videos while using other apps or locking your phone, no ads and free downloads YouTube Premium is guaranteed to serve all your uni needs. So, say hello to playing fire pres playlists and goodbye to buffering videos in lectures.

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Gone are the days when locking your phone meant silence over the speakers

Host the best pres possible and procrastinate like a pro with YouTube Premium – click here to get three months free now

From head-turning pres playlists to a whole lecture’s worth of downloaded vids, here’s how to get your three months of YouTube Premium for free now:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Sign up with your university and email address

Step 3: Watch everything your heart desires (and then download the rest for later)

Simply enter your email address and to get your hands on three months of YouTube Premium FOR FREE!! What have you got to lose?

Plus when you sign up, either via the link above or at YouTube Premium’s churro truck, you’ll also get a FREE limited edition mug and FREE churros!!!! Scroll down to find out when YouTube’s churro truck is bringing its deliciousness to your campus:

7th October – Exeter and Dundee

8th October – Swansea and St Andrews

9th October – Bristol and Edinburgh

10th October – UWE and Edinburgh Napier

11th October – Bath Spa and Glasgow Caledonian

14th October – Bournemouth and Newcastle

15th October – Sussex and Durham

16th October – Southampton and York

17th October – Brighton and Manchester Met

18th October – Portsmouth and Huddersfield

21st October – Liverpool and Oxford Brookes

22nd October – Manchester and Reading

23rd October – LSE and Derby

24th October – Queen Mary’s and Leeds

25th October – Surrey and Loughborough

28th October – Kent and Sheffield

29th October – Nottingham and Middlesex

30th October – Royal Holloway and Nottingham Trent

31st October – Leicester and Brunel

1st November – Birmingham and Coventry

So that’s it. Three FREE months of YouTube Premium, a FREE limited edition mug and FREE churros – what’s not to love?!?

With YouTube Premium there are no ads, free downloads and you can even play videos while locking your phone or switching between apps

Sign up now to get three months for free, a limited edition mug AND churros

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