Upgrade your CV with the coolest student job going, all thanks to Bumble

So much better than retail shifts

Trying to balance lectures, coursework and a part-time job to fund all the fun stuff is hard. Especially when you’d rather write daily 15,000-word essays than commit yourself to some dead-end, soul-sucking supermarket job that barely covers your first pint at the SU. But, what if you had another option? A job where you can pick your hours, are paid to party and makes you feel motivated and empowered? Nope, you’re not dreaming – this is your new reality.

As a Bumble Ambassador, you’ll be able to live the uni-high life, get the opportunity to work abroad and build a global careers network. That’s not all, there’s even potential for your part-time ambassadorship to turn into a permanent role at Bumble HQ.

Want to have fun, earn money and add create the foundations for a successful career in events or marketing? Apply to become a Bumble Ambassador now

Bumble, the social networking app all about female empowerment, is looking for student ambassadors to promote their Date, BFF and Bizz modes on campus. There are various roles available on campus: managing the local media opportunities, creating social media content to promote Bumble online and organising Bumble-related events. As part of this, you’ll also get the chance to go to Bumble HQ and learn a whole load of transferable skills to help you generate hype on campus.

Bumble Ambassadors also have the flexibility to work around lectures and the creative freedom to decide how Bumble should be represented at their uni. From being paid to organise double denim house parties, to handing out roses on Valentine’s Day, you have all the creative control – no idea is too crazy.

Trust us, becoming a Bumble Ambassador will be the best thing for you, your career and, most importantly, your bank account. So, why not click here and keep the Freshers’ vibe going all year round. You know you want to.

Want a fulfilling part-time job that will pay you to have fun?

Whether you’re interested in becoming a marketing mogul, CEO or edgy events planner, being a Bumble Ambassador is the perfect head start

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