We took a look around Newcastle’s fanciest student accommodation with its own gym and cinema

Because you’re worth it

Occasionally on campus, we’d hear rumours about a magical land where students don’t have to play dirty-dish-Jenga or live with carpets that squelch. After doing a bit more digging, we found out this modern fairytale actually exists. At Burgess House, there’s free pizza, a gym AND a cinema. Dreams really do come true.

Wanting to find out more, we went down to Burgess House and asked Kat, a second-year drama student, to show us around her palace of a room and the other wonders that come with not having to deal with grumpy landlords.

Kat in the comfiest entrance hall ever. No lie.

Fortis’ Burgess House has amazing facilities like a free cinema and gym, all from just £125 a week – check out their accommodation here

What’s your favourite thing about living here?

It’s probably the fact I have my own space. I work in town, so I can just stroll into work, whereas a bunch of my friends have to get the metro because they live in Gateshead or in the middle of nowhere. There’s a great atmosphere too. If you want to socialise then you can go hang out with everyone in the common room. When I’m having pres then I just put it in the group chat and everyone will come down and hang out. People are really lovely here.

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How does this compare to your friends’ student houses?

My friends are so jealous of where I live. They’re always like, ‘What?! How did you find this place?!’. Their houses are all really small and old in comparison, and not very well kept. Some of my coursemates have been locked out and had to pay over £60 to get back in, whereas I can just ask reception to let me in. So much less stress.

Burgess House is in the best location with the best facilities from only £125 a week – check out Fortis’ site here

Is it expensive?

No, it’s £125 per week which includes all your bills, the free gym and cinema room. Some of my classmates are in studios as well but they pay about £170 a week, and that baffles me. Burgess House is such good value. If I had to pay for utilities and a gym membership on top of rent, I’d be paying so much more.

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Do you use the cinema much?

I use it loads. I hosted a Harry Potter marathon a couple of weeks ago, so we watched a movie every night and everyone brought snacks, loads of pillows and duvets. It was so good. You can go into the cinema room whenever you like and it has massive seats which everyone usually turns into a huge bed.

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Why would you recommend Burgess House?

It’s in a really good place of town, close to everything. If you want to get a metro it’s literally five minutes away, there are takeaways and clubs nearby, it’s so convenient. The rooms are really nice too. You get your own space and yet can still make the most of the communal areas social atmosphere. Plus, it’s really good value for everything that’s included. I don’t know any students houses in Jesmond that offer a free gym or cinema.

With a cinema, gym, pool table and a great social atmosphere from only £125 a week, Fortis’ Burgess House is the fanciest student accommodation in Newcastle

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