No you’re not dreaming: Here’s how you can get a free Just Eat takeaway tonight

See ya never leftovers

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Christmas is still two months away, you’ve missed three 9 am lectures in a row and you’re down to your last microwave meal – welcome to uni. You may already be in your overdraft, but don’t worry, we’ve found something guaranteed to leave you a few quid richer.

Quidco has got yet another epic deal that will leave you curled up on the sofa in a well-earned food coma. Pizza? Chinese? Curry? Whatever your fave, treat yourself to a £15 free takeaway this weekend – yes, you heard that right, a whole takeaway. FOR. FREE. Go on, you know you deserve it.

Get £15 off your Just Eat takeaway when you sign up to Quidco in November – sign up here

Here’s how to eat like the king you are this month:

Step 1: Sign up to Quidco via this offer link – don’t stress, there’s no catch.

Step 2: Click through from Quidco to Just Eat and claim your £15 cashback.

Step 3: Now comes the hard bit – how to choose between all that food? Don’t take too long, the offer ends on the 30th November.

Why not sack off your sad beans on toast and feast like royalty with your mates? Get one friend to sign up as well and then you could have £30’s worth of free food! But why stop there? Five friends = £80 free food. Ten friends = £165 FREE FOOD!!!!1!!!

So what are you waiting for? Every minute you’re not eating is a minute wasted.

Quidco is an online cashback site that offers loads of deals to get money back on your favourite brands

New signups will get £15 money back on any Just Eat takeaway in November

Free, easy and with no scary T & C’s – sign up now