This new car-sharing website means you never have to get public transport to a festival again

Don’t even bother getting your ticket without it

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It’s seven a.m. and you’re lugging a backpack the size of a beer barrel to the station, ready to spend six hours on a sweaty, tuna sandwich-smelling sauna that is a festival coach.

It’s obviously no way to start off your post-exams blowout, but get this: Veygo is an insurance service that gives you temporary car cover, so you can sack off that grim train or godforsaken coach, and drive to the festival with your mates instead.

Forget substandard coach travel – get insured on your friend’s car for as little as £15 for six hours

Download Veygo today and get 10 per cent off with the code TAB10

All you have to do is answer a few questions about your driving history, then enter your licence details and the details of the car you’re borrowing. You can choose instant cover which begins as soon as the payment is processed, so you’re sorted even if you leave it last minute – and it’ll only cost you £15 for six hours.

The car owner’s no claims bonus won’t be affected when using Veygo, so you can reassure whoever’s car you’re borrowing that their insurance is safe. You can get an extra 10 per cent off with our code, TAB10.

Roll up, roll up

So whether you want to split the drive across your squad, or you want to borrow your mum’s four-by-four for that extra leg room, now you can travel without the faff. Treat yourself – you’re too good for that coach life.

Festival season is here – using Veygo, you can share the journey with your mates and avoid the pain of public transport

Download Veygo here and get 10 per cent off with our discount code, TAB10