This app will make you money from the empty seats in your car when you’re driving home for Easter

You’re going that way anyway


For all you drivers out there, this new app will make you money so easy, it may as well be daylight robbery – wait, is it? No, no you’re good.

UniLift is the exclusive student ridesharing app which allows you to list the empty seats in your car when you’re driving home from Notts. Whether it’s a quick trip up the road or a four-hour schlep, UniLift will match you with passengers going the same way – meaning you’ll easily offset those spenny petrol costs and have some cash leftover to fund whatever you’re going to be doing this Easter to put off revising. Or, alternatively, you could spend it all on bouji car snacks, you do you.

UniLift is the exclusive student ridesharing app that lets you make easy money from the empty seats in your car – download the app now and get paid to drive home this Easter

All you have to do is download UniLift here, create a profile and then post the journey you are about to make on the app. For example, if you had two empty seats in your Fiat 500 and were driving from say, Lenton to London, you would list your spare spots and bam – you’ve got two desperate students in need of a ride down south begging to give you money for a journey you were going to make anyway.

UniLift will suggest a charge calculated from the cost of petrol, but ultimately you will set the price, because you are your own boss and can do whatever you want.

Set your own price, be your own boss and make seriously good cash – download UniLift now

You also won’t get stiffed if someone flakes at the last minute, as passengers have to pay in advance of the journey. If Flakey McFlakeson does decide to cancel within 12 hours, they’ll still have to pay half the cost to you. If they bail altogether, no need to worry – you’ll still get paid the entire amount, but will just have a seat for those car snacks.

Lastly, if you are one of the first 100 completed journeys, UniLift will give you an extra tenner if you send them a quick selfie of you and your passengers – obvs not while driving, safety first people.

You know that thing you’ve been searching for all your life, to make you feel whole and complete, but have never quite found it? This is it friends. This. Is. It.

UniLift is currently only in Notts but will be rolled out across the rest of the UK soon – watch this space

If you are a passenger looking for a ride, UniLift is for you too – save up to 80 per cent using UniLift over buying a train ticket – download the app now

Like UniLift’s Facebook page here and be in with a chance of winning one pair of Crisis tickets every week!