Cancel your plans tonight because you could win £5000 for watching TV

Finally, something I might have a shot at winning

For most of us, a first-class honours in our degree is highly unlikely. Finding the one is also unlikely. Being elected SU President, getting on the first team, learning to cook, acquiring that dream bod and landing a well-paid grad job are also things at the lonely end of the likelihood spectrum.

What is likely, however, is you and your mates putting those frankly ridiculous hours of binge-watching TV to good use, by entering the Prime Student Box Set Binge Challenge, to win £5000. That’s a lot of money – winning that may make up for all of the above not ever happening.

Team training

Enter Prime Student’s Box Set Binge Challenge here and be in a chance of winning £5000 just from watching your favourite shows

Literally all you have to do is:

  1. Enter the Box Set Binge Challenge and choose your top three favourite Prime Video shows.
  2. Answer one out of three questions correctly and bam! – you’re in for a chance.
  3. Assemble three of your pals, create a team profile, and get people to vote for you tout suite.

The top ten teams with the most votes will be invited to an event in London where they’ll compete head-to-head in a serious 10-hour binge sesh, watching episode after episode of Prime Video shows like Mr Robot or Vikings.

Teams will have to avoid elimination by answering questions correctly on the episode they’ve just watched – the winning team on the day will win five thousand of the Queen’s finest British Pounds.

But it’s not just about the winning, it’s the taking part that counts. So, Amazon will be giving the top nine runners-up £500 worth of Amazon vouchers each, and everyone else in the top 40 will receive a £100 voucher.

This is your time to shine, win big and be the envy of everyone you know – don’t mess it up.

You and your mates could be in with a chance of winning £5000 just from watching your favourite shows

Enter the Prime Student Box Set Binge Challenge here