Cancel all your plans because here’s how you can get two large Domino’s pizzas for free

Please note: This deal is now closed

Yes. You read that correctly. Two large Domino’s pizzas for nowt. You won’t even have to go diving down the sofa to scrape together the shrapnel from between the cushions to afford a massive dinner. Looks like we’re feasting tonight boiz.

Literally all you have to do is this:

Quidco is a cashback service that will get you £20 back on Domino’s, which basically equals two free pizzas – sign up here

Step 1: Sign up for a free Quidco account and go to the Domino’s website through this offer link.

Step 2: Order any two for £20 pizzas your little heart desires. Pepperoni Passion? Vegi Supreme? Margherita if you hate fun? Who cares! Treat yo’self!

Step 3: After you’ve ordered, £20, as if by magic, will automatically appear in your Quidco account. Cash the money back into your bank account and baddabing baddaboom, it’ll be like you never spent the money.

Three steps. JUST THREE. You’ll be richer than your wildest dreams and full of wonderful cheesy dough. This is life, but better than we ever imagined it.

So there it is. Two massive pizzas for free. Thank you Domino’s. Thank you God.

Sack off that boring pasta you were going to have for dinner and get two large Domino’s pizzas for free with Quidco

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