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Everything you ever wanted to know about BU halls

Yes, Corfe is a real halls

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In my opinion, living in halls was an amazing experience. You meet amazing people, do amazing things and make loads of great memories.

I lost count of the amount of people I made friends with on Snapchat while drunk at 4am. With that said, it's time for some cold, hard truths on living in the different BU halls.

Cranborne – 10/10 would recommend

Where to begin on Cranborne?

This was my halls for first year and there were so many interesting sights wherever you looked. Putting aside the hospital corridor vibe, Cranborne is a great place to live.

Also, who can forget South Wing and their inability to cook? Special thanks to them for the weekly wake-up call at 4am.

Further thanks to the flat next door who used to come through our fire door to avoid going outside hungover, we miss you all!

Some great memories include trolley races in the smoking area, re-enacting the Pixar lamp with a traffic cone and straight up just stealing cones and hiding them in the shower during flat inspections.

And who can forget the sleeping security guard?

Finally, to wrap up Cranborne, here's some content from my time there!

Purbeck – Best afters

To give Purbeck their credit, the courtyard area is a solid 10/10.

Purbeck is great for pres because the reception staff never come up to complain about noise, so feel free to blast classic pres music such as Drum and Bass Father to your hearts content.

Even though Oxford Point stole the thunder, it is always a great afters at Purbeck, even if half of them have their head down the toilet while the other half are stroking a fluffy blanket because it "feels good".

Chesil – Ghost town

First off, thanks Chesil for never making noise. But I'm pretty sure no one lived there last year as we never heard any noise or saw anyone in the windows.

If you want to actually have a good night sleep – would definitely recommend this place…

Cheers for keeping it down, you were great neighbours! Love from Cranborne x

Oxford Point – Sweaty pres

Sorry but where are the first 3 floors?

I came here for a pres at the start of second year and was confused as to why floors 1, 2 and 3 aren't options in the lift, so this just makes me wonder what has been placed on those levels.

Oxford Point has a large social room for pres which is great but as soon as Cardi B comes on, it gets extremely sweaty in there.

Lyme – Say bye to lifts, stairs are your new BFF

Sorry but is it too much to ask for a lift to work? Always found myself having to leg it up 6 flights of stairs to get to pres, by which time I had broken a sweat.

To be honest, you know you're in Lyme when you walk past the chalk board. There is always a penis drawn on it.

Good luck in the summer first years, Lyme is one huge radiator and trust me, you will feel the effects!

Watching people from Lyme cook honestly gives me flashbacks to the South Wing of Cranborne…

Dorchester – Looks fancy, but it's not really

I can't help but feel like a prisoner waiting for someone to let me in the front gate. Can't say I was a fan of the rooms and how you crush yourself when you open a wardrobe but that's student living.

You know you're near Dorch when the smell of weed begins to grow stronger and stronger, usually coming from someone's flat (trying to make brownies but failing).

I'd recommend Dorch if you always want to be guaranteed a seat on the bus as you are their first stop.

Home Park – Halls and a workout all in one

Getting to the lifts from the entrance at Home Park feels like walking a marathon itself. Tip for all you first years – do a few laps around the bottom floor of Home Park and you'll have no need for SportBU or the gym!

When you're black out drunk, the corridors of Home Park turn into a race track…

Just try not to do what I did and run headfirst into a door.

Student Village – It's a no from me

Welcome to the cut-off corner of halls. No offence to anyone but I'd only recommend Student Village if you're highly set on never going on a night out.

A taxi from here to Cameo costs just over £10 and to be honest, I'd much rather spend that on a crate of dark fruits.

I'd recommend this place for people who are keen and ready to be at uni for every 9am while the rest of us fall out of bed and struggle to the nearest bus stop.

Corfe – Sorry, who are you?

I never even knew this place existed until I nearly ended up there by accidentally taking the U2. Tucked away in Poole, people either unfortunately live here or end up there by accident.

Living here is great unless you want to make your 9am, have fun with that one!

If you want a nice quick walk to the Quay, this is the place for you… But good luck walking to Talbot Campus.