How to rock being single in your twenties

Throw that ice-cream away, my love

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Us twenty-something single ladies tend to be split into two very distinct categories: the crazy chicks and the desperate ducklings. I can safely say with complete honesty, I am one of the former.

While all us ladies enjoy slouching in our matching pyjamas, chowing down on a tub of cookie dough ice-cream and singing along to ‘All by myself’ at the top of our lungs, some sadly do this out of single-syndrome instead of unashamed amusement.

I am proud to say I embrace the Bridget Jones in me – that is the drink, fags and failed dieting attempts – not the crying over the Daniel Cleavers of the world. I feel compelled, nay, a responsibility to encourage those misguided ducklings into enjoying pure independence.

We are young, free, vibrant creatures. So throw away the naivety and embrace the naughtiness. You are bound to end up with someone at some point. So, don’t panic about dying alone and being eaten by wild Alsatians (oh Bridget) and enjoy the single life.

There’s a way to live the single life properly – and here’s how:

You need to learn to be happy on your own before you can be happy with someone else.

Learning to be in your own company is important. Independence is key, in and out of a relationship. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and lonely. Be calm and confident. Find something you enjoy doing because YOU genuinely enjoy doing it. Whether it be reading, writing or music that calms you, it is important to suss out your likes and dislikes. And learn to laugh at yourself!


Appreciate your friends.

Let’s be frank, everyone knows these famous words to live by: hoes before bros, or in the case of dudes, bros before hoes. Friendships last longer than the Daniels, unless they are utter bitches, in which case, get rid of them. Be silly and have a laugh with your girls.



Say YES.

Say yes to things to feel good about yourself. You have nothing but yourself holding you back, so go and do it. Don’t question or overthink things (unless you are swamped with uni work in which case, you should probably head to the library).


Flirty flirty don’t get hurty.

You can flirt with whoever you want and not feel guilty about it. Also, it’s a good opportunity to figure out the kind of people who you do and don’t like. Shake that ass, but watch yourself!


Take risks.

Do one thing outside your comfort zone every day. This gives you the sense of being in control of your life and makes you feel good about yourself. Perhaps avoid robbing a liquor store or swearing at your uni professor, but try something a bit different in your day-to-day routine. Take risks! Just don’t get yourself killed.


To me, relationships are like the British weather; it’s all sunshine and smiles then BOOM, you’re suddenly being pissed on and drowning in a shower of irritation. Being single is like the wind – spontaneous and ever-changing.

I may sound like a bit of a sour bean, and I will admit – I get lonely sometimes; a fight with a parent, a stubbed toe, or a disappointing coursework result is enough to make me feel pants. But everyone gets a bit down sometimes, that’s natural. Being single is about learning to help yourself; figure out what will drag you out of that pit on your own.

So ducklings, put away those soppy Rom Coms, switch on an action movie and release your inner crazy – and enjoy it.